Monday, August 9, 2010

In Bangkok. Part One. Days @ home.

When we went to Bangkok, Orange's godbrother and family was kind enough to put us up at their house for the whole stay. So nice:))) When we reached her god bro pi-art ( i learned something new, pi-namehere is how you adress a senior) came to pick us up and the elder brother came to pick the the mom which also reached on the same day as us.

And off to the house we went...:D The mom looks like a beautiful gui fu kinda feel :)) You can see her in the other bkk posts i'll do next time...:)
our luggages! Guess which one's mine?
3 are here only cause orange stayed in her god bro's room...
From here onwards it is really all our zi-lian pictures doing random useless poses. so it'll be a good time to run away.....hahaha...:P
the slippers that they got at jj market.
jatujak market
my feet is in the yellow! but it's not my slipper! hahaha..:P
and yea. in thai orange say theres no 'ch' its really jatujak not chatuchak.

Here comes all the zi lian photos.....
run people run.
Buy one get one free skirt!!
I think it was 100baht for 2! Cheap steal!:D
You'll see lotsa this..:D

the stack of dvds in the room...
we watched yes man.

making a call back home.
orange says it cheaper to call then sms.
we were using the thai prepaid card!

our bed!
ling and i slept on the pink bed. jy slept on the one beside us.

my turn to zi lian.
hmmx. photo taken without the face look so much more decent. -_-

share the fun yo.
i think we were waiting for orange so we took 1001 of these kind of pics...

see what i say? i can take nonsense photo and look better than taking ones decently posed. -__-'''
and then we did a series....

this was the day we were waiting for ling i think.
1st day.
outfit to go jj market!
excited wey!:D
it's jy's turn.
there! Heres the whole stack!
see. i'm excited.
because i look so horrible i need to do a little cover up. o pimples.scars. rashes and all the rubbish when are you going to go away? :(
guess who doesn't wanna get up? :P

Ok. Here's the end of all our zi-lianing at home while waiting for each other...

I will post up the rest when i get a more complete one from ling's side.
i love you.

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