Monday, April 19, 2010

mayday concert post teaser post.:)

*updates. concert post done can be read here:) *

I've just uploaded my mayday concert pictures!:) yayness. but my cam is not as good as ling's so i might make this concert post into a two parter series (one from my cam, the other from hers.maybe) o. if i count in this one then it might be a three parter. :) I'll have to wait for her pics to do the last part. :) For now, i'll just leave you all with a teaser pic and some of the entries i read for this concert. Wait for the actual post, soon. :) I'll needa filter the pics, gotten a lot of 'epic fail' pics. lol. I might post those up too...hahaha...
Stay tune for the upcomings!;)

Mayday DNA Unlimited 2010
Here's a little collage i tried editing for wallpaper :)
I left it in it's original size, so feel free to make it your wallpaper if you like it.
credits would be appreciated.

The DNA Mayday robot version wallie :)

For now. It's bed time, i edited till 3am.i must be crazy.0.0
haha..:P i hope i'll get to edit finish the pics by tomorrow so i can post it soon.
or maybe after i come back;)

There was a lot of '互呛' between S.H.E and Mayday, but no worries, they are still good friends and great band/group.
This were the reports of the two 'fights' respectively between SHE & Mayday

If you read the Mayday's article in the link there, i really agree with the last part of the article. True. true.
I was telling Ling, we have been too spoilt 宠坏 by Mayday...heh..:P If you read e article, you'll get what i mean.;)

So we must learn to 知足:)
Somemore they spent big buck showering us with love from the fireworks.
2 minutes. 5thousand dollars.

This site** has all the article's summed together for your convenience;)
I love Mayday

Do stay tune in the coming weeks for the next post

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