Friday, March 19, 2010

22nd with a surprise! and a Jammy concert. :)

Ling. Sarah.Orange.Jy.
march 13 @ bugis benten cafe.
photo credits in this post goes to Orange and Ling. Edited photo above done by JY:)
Thank you to my flautist girls for planning a surprise to celebrate my 22nd
It was short but really heartwarming, and of course very happy because sarah loves pleaseant surprises!

I was initially so tired i nearly missed them totally, it took me a few blinks to recognise them. hahaha..The original plan was to go home after school then meet ling afterwards because she wanted to shop shop before the concert. But knowing me, my actions slow like tortise, by the time i got home and 'nua' and come out it would be quite late le, don't wanna eat into her shopping time because she wanted to get some stuff,so I thought that i would meet her straight after school. In the end, i still ended up waiting ard 2 hours...roaming around...haha..
xiao long bao!
luckily nana and lih yee went to have lunch with me and could eat away some time too. Lucky for me we were all going in the same direction, if not might not have the chance to have lunch together. :)) So i just roamed around close to an hour...
red bean bao using xiao long bao skin.
Asian Kitchen @ city hall.
The food there is nice.:) gals next time we can go there too!;))

When ling came we went to look for our lightsticks, yesh. its very important to have lightsticks during a concert (if not your hands might feel redundent). yea. :))
The shop which we usually purchased our blue lightsticks from (why blue? cause mayday official lightstick colour is blue;)) was out of blue lightsticks, so we walked all the way to tekka mall's party shop to get them.My first time there, thanks to ling!:) Jam's favourite colour was purple, so we asked around if any shop had purple light sticks, non available, so we went for the blue ones. *yay*

Walked back to bugis for shop shop time, the weather was relentless man! And my bag was heavy... lack of exercise thus my leg was getting tired...We walked around from bugis to illuma...alamak. raining. -_-'' told you the weather was relentless. Ling didn't manage to get anything because she wasn't in the mood. aiish. hahaha. So after having some fun looking at all the tidbits and randoms in the shop she said she was hungry and wanted to go eat at some shop her friend (which happen to be recommended. Lucky for everyone, i'm very easy going when it comes to eating or going places, i would hardly say no, everything also can can lets go. hahaha. if not they would have a harder time coordinating....:P

Best thing..ling didn't know where the eatery was, so i brought her there. By that time i think i was half KO-ed. Can peng san already, i just wanted to sit downnnn. hahaa.

And then the waitress led us in, my eyes aimed the chair. Ahaaa! Chair! can sit. my brain was relieved. Then ling walked away from the original table we were led to...I was wondering why.

Then i turn, *blink once, blink twice* waits for brains to register image, and saw....
Cheng cheng chengggg!
Orange and Jy!
woooosh! :))))))

I was stunned for a moment, because i was so tired. hahahaa.
i was wondering when i was in class if they might appear, but i guess my alertness went down as i got good way to surprise people. hahaa.
and o my.
they were so sweet!
They got the eatery to prepare a cake for me!
*awwws. melts.*
*lallaa. happy.*
Must take picture with cake and pose with double peace.
im twenty 2.
make a wish make a wish.
i'm boring.
my wishes are ten year series.
Time to blow out the candles!
I smelt something fishy, (opps. not ling Xp) when i saw those candles
i was right!
they were the magic candles which you can never blow out.
In the end it took all of us to extinguish the candles.
my choco melted already...lols.
then it was pressie time!:)))
a set of mayday photo cards!
wahhh. i never seen them on sale before. and that pic right in front is the screen saver for my hp.
waah. handsome. thanks girls.:D heh.
oo. and the nice bag. :)and of course the card.
so cute!
dog dog! me likey!
Happily reading the contents.

After dinner, me and ling had to head off to Jammy's concert.
Jy and Orange had another band concert to attend to...
It was a short meet.
but definitely very sweet.
xie xies.

Suprise 成功!
claps clapss
*grins much*
*smiles wide*
love you all.

@ Kallang Interchange.
Singapore indoor stadium
for Mr Rock concert.
ms.Fishy was FINALLY going to hear and meet HER IDOL Mr kayaJAM HSIAO Live!
Ling got the time of the concert wrong, so we thought we would be early, but we reach just on time, a little before time stated on ticket. Always good to be early, can have ample toilet breaks! hahahaa. So for Mayday's concert we will know at least we must leave 1 and a half hour before concert from bugis. Seems so near but take so long. -_-'
the fanclub people were so nice!
they gave out purple lightsticks (custom made) to us and others in the queue.
aww. such sweet fans.
Thank you 蕭幫!
It was really, people mountain people sea.
near full house!
good job!
strong hands are needed to break lightsticks. lol.
we found a thrown away purple lightstick on the floor, so rude the person who threw it there, or maybe dropped it? But anyway not to waste, i picked it up, cause ling wanted it so she could keep her other lightstick intact.
But i was happily breaking my purple lightstick all ready and geared! woohoo!
this was the stage.
he had a ochestra to play for him.
how cool is that?
*ok. not as cool as my mayday, they play their own instruments. Lol. bias kid.* hahaha
I really like these 'lighted ban bans'
so bright and colourful!
what not to like?
colourful lights!
Concert ajourns!
This guy is good, he can sing in jap, korean, english, chinese, taiwanese hokkien.
I tried hard to learn the lyrics to these guys songs, but his lyrics are hard man! i only knew those which i really liked.
so singing all those other songs were good! cause i knew most of them:)
I had trouble taking some of the pics due to the lighting.
It made him look overexposed most of the time. grr.
but i caught the hand of it;)) heh heh. took some good pics for ling to bring home and oogle.
or so i hope she likes you ling? heh.
Second costume change.
Somehow reminds me of wearing bedsheet and pillows on him..mmm. comfy. :)
epic fail.
blocked by the lightsticks.
theres another one which really covered him as a whole.
but these fanclub lightsticks were awesomeee!
apart from the fact they block my pictures. -_-
third costume change.
what does it remind you of?
well, this one reminded me of the carnations used on mother's day.
mayday never has such fanciful concert costumes, so it was a new thing to me.
nahhh. mayday doesn't need any fancy costumes. i love them just the way they are and for the love of good music! woohoo.
he danced!
nobody nobody but you!
cuteness 7 points
effort 10 points.
dancing skills. lets not go there. :P
but hey! its the effort that counts. cuz my ashin also can't dance well ahaha! but still cute lah.;))
ahh. finally. a outfit telling me
Mr rock is here.
pardon the overexposure.
when he went off for a break, he was taken over by local artistes.
one was the famous lee brother, i think it was Lee Wei Song.
and a student of his. (which many thought was kinda random and left for break while he was singing.) poor new guy.his voice was ok, but the song. i didn't like it. What was with the chinese and then english in front. aiyer. but the rest of the song sticking to the chinese roots was fine.
wonder if the guy felt sad he didn't get much support?
well, it was indeed abit of a anti climax moment.
but still, don't give up dude!:D
After the break he came out on skates!
can't see the skates here.
and i realise he like to face towards the right side of the stage more, tsk. we're on the left leh.
i thought this one was super cute.
like a little boy.

till this point i realised, his fans are alot 'calmer' than mayday's fans. At least for the front row seats, we would always be standing, it would be rare to see the people in the rockzone sitting throughout the concert. different concert different kind of moods i guess, haha, at some point i was wondering if i was more overly high than the fans, it was not even my its ok, the more you cheer the more fun you feel. concerts are Not about being demure.
This was when it was coming to an end.

I can't remember he sang which songs where but i love his 海芋戀, 寂寞還是你, 王妃, 我懷念的(cover of stef's version), 原諒我,Blues, 疼愛 (ashin wrote this!) and of course the cover version of 新不了情 too! awesome! i enjoyed those best from his song list!:) not to say tt i don't enjoy the rest..just those are the ones that hit the spot for me...;D

I saved the best for the last.
This was not the last part of the concert.
but i just thought this photo looked awesomely cool.
Totally living up to the concert name of Mr Rock.
You didn't dissapoint me.
萧敬腾 Rock on!

The concert ended around 11 the time i reached home it was close to 1am.
Both me and ling were so tired, she slept on the bus.
i was just happy that i had an eventful day and was sitting on a double deck (i'm still a kid.)lols.
Ling hope you enjoyed yourself watching you 腾 Mr Jam. ;)
another lightstick to keep into my concert collection.

Thank you girls for everything.


  1. Hey, liL aLien (blog owner),

    Love to say thank you for sharing with us your wonderful account about Jam's concert.

    Coolie banana!

    Jam's fan, Sydney.

  2. Your most welcome!:DD

    Glad you (all?) enjoyed it. :)))