Wednesday, March 3, 2010

words of wisdom.

I usually would never on my own willingness take up chinese articles to read, especially if they are filled with words and no pictures. @-@ faint. hahaha... I'll usually make exceptions if i feel the articles are worth reading, very interesting or written by someone i like or enjoy to read from.

The article below fits 3 of those catergories, and well, mainly it caught my eye because, it was partly written by ashin. haha. (not biasness. i really liked the article, esp the part i am sharing) :)

If you have the time and can understand chinese, read this article, the full article is in the link, i only picked out the part i liked best (if not the post will run all the way to JB).
Hope you'll find it interesting too. :)

(pretty purple flowers:) saw online when browsing through photos of japan, too beautiful not to share;))

學會:在乎你在乎的 人跟事






Read the full article here:

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