Saturday, March 13, 2010

i was dethroned

I was dethroned by Huan today as the most blur one. hahahaa...:P why? because for all this time she was having "my" handphone number it was in fact someone else's...gosh. she got the last two digits of my number wrong...o all these time she had been messaging some random person...hahaha...and she has not been able to locate my blog since wayy back, even after asking me on various attempts...haha..

Huan are you reading this now? If you are you are at the correct blog! hahaha:P
I step down, i pass the position over to you now...hahaa...:P

Met the girls today.

I realised i haven't met them in a long time, but i somehow felt i did. Was it all a dream?
Me and Huan had 'mo qi' in the clothes shop! lol...but i had no 'mo qi' with them in communicating for abit there....'tio suan' poor thing me...hahahaha! lol
finally we got our communication sorted out, ok my fault, chinese not good...ahahahaha...

Bought what we needed to buy and ate yummy food and chatted.
Huan has a habit of asking and answering her own questions!! lol
Jin's hair is super nice! Why can't my hair be like that? Ok, shan't complain, at the very least, i have hair. haha.:P

choices in life sometimes make us very insecure. we can never be very certain of how anything will ever turn out to be....
We can only trust ourselves and go with courage.
Whatever happens good or bad we can make it good somehow.

we'll support you no matter what choice you choose ya.
most importantly ultimately we hope that you are happy.

jia you! Jia you!:)
to you and me and you and you and me!

"S" stands for Si Ling, circle and the flame, symbolising our dear school's name.

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