Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Whose Going to Mayday's DNA unlimited concert?

(i love this new poster)
Me me me me me!:D

There's going to be fireworks this time @ the padang! Yea! something different from the indoor stadium!
My tickets are here!:)
Addressee. that's me!:D
Yesh. i kept that newspaper page.:D
It's 2 pieces only.
me and ling's.
(it's an agreement. if mayday come we'll go together if jam come too. so you all know where else i burned a hole in my pocket from. haa.)

too bad orange can't make it...:(
(pocket burn hole, but it'll be worth it. even ling enjoyed the last show very much! so we're both very excited!:) after stress from studying can fang si abit with mayday;))

The DVD from the versions in Taiwan are out!
So wanting to get them...not out locally yet though...
wanted to buy one and wrapped it up and give it to myself as birthday gift. yes, i'm siao i know.:P lols.
Went last week, isn't out yet, think its out in taiwan?
Guess i'll get it next month or so....
Unless it drops out of the sky into my arms...hahaa...

DNA 五月天世界巡迴演唱會 變形DNA*無限放大版

April 17th 2010

"Mayday promises to deliver an entire different DNA “Live” experience to the 15,000 fans at the Padang……with new songs lined-up, a 18m high main stage, coupled with not one, but two 360 degree extended catwalk round the Padang linking Mayday to a second stage and the audience all around, a mega transformer and first time ever ‘live’ fireworks display at a Chinese Concert."

You can get your tix from here.

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