Wednesday, April 27, 2011

the people who want to stay in your life will always find a way

i couldn't agree more.

being busy is just an excuse i realise.
yesh, i sometimes partake in this folly too.

at other times you are afraid of awark silences. "I haven't seen this person or talked to this person in so long....i think we might have no common topic to hold a conversation.."
guilty as charged.

but the very least is to just send a message, sms, fb, twitter or even by snail mail let the other party know that hey! i'm still alive! I know you are too! and i'm still pretty much here for you so that you know. :) just that we haven't been able to chat much.

and if you get a reply then things can only get better from there. of course if you haven't been contacting that friend for the last ten years or haven't had a heart to heart chat in a long time, then of course things will have to start out slowly right?

any kind of relationship doesn't happen over night.

so let the people whom you care about know. even if its a very simple gesture, even if your too busy. a simple Hi! can make someone's day because they feel loved that their remember.
Its just a little effort.
They'll probably know your very busy and all the more appreciate the quality time you took just to send the message.

Its not the amount of times its the amount of sincerity, it can be felt. Even though you think unless i call, all other form of communication are cold and hard cause well, they are solid after sincerity is a little magic, it can be seen if its there even though our naked eye tells us it doesn't exist but our other body organ knows its just there and theres that warm feeling creeping up in you. yesh. that's the kind of deep down happiness.

thats why to say the people who want to stay in your life will always find means and ways to.
Its just making effort, not excuses.

if your not one to extend your hand out first fret not, i'm sure in life there are bound to be people who would extend their arms out to us to shake. in this case, these would be the people who are trying to stay in your life *rejoice!they like you very much indeed to make little effort*

in these kind of instances always remember the chinese proverb (or is it learning. well either or)

i was originally looking for the english version of this words but unfortunately today #english fail and couldn't find the word in the dictionary despite multiple attempts. I later realised i spelt the word wrongly. #fail max. hahaa...nvm. i learn something new today.
I finally found the correct spelling to the english translation of 礼尚往来 its reciprocation ( i couldn't find it because i thought it was reprocication. -_-)

礼尚往来 or Reprociation is pretty much an Asian thing ( or so that i know of, i'm sure it happens in Western countries too of course) *ps. i left the links on if your interested for the translation/meanings
It just pretty much means to give and take; the motion of it. As in when we recieve we must always remember to give back in return.

It's not so much of give back in monetary form but in a form of gratitude or of same gesture. It makes the other party feel good and you will feel good too. And it will carry on, just like a telephone it rings both way when you talk the other listens and talks back, it works both ways in a give and exchange.
i'm sure you'll be pretty bored just doing either side of the job, you'll probably even feel retarded if no one bothers to answer or talk.

its the same in every situation.

so rmb.
make effort, not excuses and the word reciprocation.

treasure those that want to stay in your life and make meaningful gestures to and you yourself have to put in effort to maintain that certain relationship.

that's all from me today.
a long two cents worth.
be a nice human!

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