Sunday, April 10, 2011

the gold medal.

lilalienations: i realise my post are getting longer! am i just getting naggy? no. i just have stuff to share. that's all. :)

i'm sure they arent.
Everyone loves awards, who would dare say they don't secretly hope their efforts are recognised and their hard work pays off? Why would i write 'secretly'? (Shouldn't this kind of idea be put out on under the brazen sun and told to the world, Hey! We have worked and practised our butts off and there! we believe we are more than ready to get that Golden Mine.) the only reason why we would not so brazenly say it out is because in the Asian teachings we learn to be humble (maybe not so much the newer generations) but when we were kids or in our parents time, when someone praised you, one would so rarely say Thank you(as what would be appropritate nowadays), because to us then (oldern day ideaology) that would be considered rude, or much of a showoff. We would also go "ooo. nono. i'm not that good. your just being too kind. really, no laaah." such terms we try to be humble...or we just grew up thinking it'll be rude to openly accept a compliment or praise ourselves when we think we did a damn good job.

Until, well one day my professors told me or rather us, it was in class that Asians have this kind of habit, if he didn't know us well, he would either think we are too modest or we just do not want to be respectful enough to say thank you. Haa, and to think we probably were in all due respect. He said, next time someone compliments you, just go Thank you very much! Or when you think you did a wonderful job, give yourself a pat on the back, you deserve it...not to the extend of boasting but because you know you work hard for it. In the famous or rather infamous words of William Hung: I have tried my best and have no regrets.

I believe my juniors at MSL Concert Band did their utmost best and gave it all for this year's SYF. Ok, so they didn't bring home the Gold this year, but that doesn't mean they should lack bringing home the glory. Anybody who has tried and given their best shot should walk back with pride, so i am very proud of my juniors. Silver, in my year the pioneer batch fought arm and leg to bring home the silver. I remember Uncle Tan (my all time favourite conductor) telling us: We've got nothing to lose. We just go and give it our all.
If i say we weren't hoping for a gold...I would be lying, but we prepared ourselves for the best and the worst, but i'm sure everyone prayed to their respective gods the day beore, we DO NOT want a certificate of participation, at the very least a bronze. And our efforts did pay off with a Silver, it was exchanged with blood, sweat and tears. It is something etched inside all of our memories, i'm sure, if you ask all the seniors, it was a milestone in our lives.

The subsequent years we grew and Uncle Tan lead the band to gold and gold with honours. This year's SYF we obtained a Silver, i'm sure the kids must have been dissapointed, theres nothing wrong with that. But afterall, hey, a medals just but still a medal or a cert. A piece of paper of metallic trophy. Don't do things just to please others, Uncle tan wrote a msg on fb to give encouragement and i liked this sentence: "we are going to playing the Marsiling way.. if they like it then give us the Gold if not then fine. We play in our own right:)" Yesh man! those are the words, and that is the spirit! *salute!* I would have it no other way...i wouldn't want a artificial gold band, if you know what i mean...MSL CB started out really small, but we impressed people who listen to have a feeling of warmth. We were a cosy sounding band, just like our relationship, we were true to ourselves and it reflected in the music we play. That is the true spirit of band.

I heard the recordings, i think they did well. :) Good job my juniors. Let's all work hard and cheer hard for the next SYF, and of course i'm going to quote my favourite band conductor's words (which i really like and find their meaningful, not because i'm bias of course) :
"Learn to accept, What is the difference between a person who sees the medal as everything one has, as compared to a person who sees one's setback as a developmental process in life and turn it into learning opportunity for one's future? Who do you think could walk through a longer journey? No forever winners, we are back to where we were once upon a time & we shall work towards our visions & goals once again. That's the meaning of life:) "
- Mr Tan Thiam Hee

Well spoken! Applauds!!! Totally love the part of there are no forever winners..or losers for the matter...Marsiling Concert Band do us proud! Your pioneer batch might not say it out loud, but you know like stars (opps sorry, this description sounds corny, i couldn't think of anything better) we are always behind the scene spiritually charging giving out our biggest support!

Marsiling Concert Band Gambatte! Jiayou! Ajak! Fighting!
Silver. Gold. Comewhatmay.
its your friendship. its your passion in music. its your bonding.
its the many years of friendship and memories to last you a lifetime.
i was looking for a band photo online...and guess what! i found this on google...
the pioneers! wow.

We have comed a long long way since then. :)

11 April is the date i mark on my calender to be Marsiling De Marcia 1 anniversery
How many years has it been?


  1. Applaud! Uncle specially call me up to tell me about this wonderful post that i missed =\ But would love to keep <3

  2. tan saw this....:o

    i was on fb and was like ok new link to share then wait. what! that looks familiar...i took 2,3 looks to make sure that was my

    i wrote it two years back and already forgotten about it...i seldom write such in depth post anymore but i'm glad i did then...:)