Thursday, April 21, 2011


Finally manage to catch one of the animations that i have been wanting to one has been all too free to catch it with me...Ling had to get her shoes fixed at the cobbler so yay! winwin situation....we fixed it, had dinner and caught a movieeee!:D I wanted to watch Hop, but cwp was all out of it! Dang!!!

So we caught Rio instead, she was really nice to watch it again with me..*beams* hahaahaa...cause, she had already watched it once and because i said i wanted to watch it and she say it was nice so second round for her, first round for me!:D *so nice of her!xiexies.* but, she missed the opening the last time she watched yes! another winwin situation!

I'm getting good at this WIN - WIN situation aren't i? lol:p
double win-win : its from one my all time favourite show creators- do you need to ask?
ICE AGE!:D i've watched that show countless amount of times!;P

i was wondering if Rio was going to be another one of those overrated kind of animation...*and not to mention i'mnot a big fan of birds being enertainment, i don't even fancy going to the jurong bird park! i'd rather go to the zoo!* but i was so wrong, i enjoyed it! Totally love all the Samba Rhythms and moovess:) i've seen some not too awesome reviews, but heck. I love it. It's the kind of show which you would seriously contemplate going for the soundtrack, well at least in my case.

I really like the first segment that i went to youtube it and YEAH! i found it, so of course i'll be sharing it with all you good people lest anyone hasn't watched and still need something to decide...Here! Watch the opening segment...i've played it countless times already, its pretty infectious...i hummed it a few hours after listening to it;)

Were you shaking to the beats? :)
If you need a light family movie to share a laugh with, this is the go to show. The old and little ones will can all sit down together and enjoy;)

if your not convinced yet, heres another one of the trailers that i like, i'm not too sure if its cut into the official trailers but it sold me.

yeahyeah! awoo!
i'm not juding it on cinematography, yada yada all. and some criticise its too common/simple a storyline, i beg to differ, there are the action pack wam bam alakazam kinda flicks, theres the think so much you can't sleep kinda film and theres this kind of family film, you can't just lump everything and judge them all together...
As usual my favourite characters weren't exactly the lead chaeacters but the supporting sides, Pedro and Nicco!
This two add flavour to the movie man...! Its like a bowl of soup, its nice but somehow you feel its missing something, adding a little pepper and voila! Its does the trip, mmm mm mmm! That's the kind of 画龙点睛 feel it exudes.;)
If you've watched the show, whos your favourite?:)

Go to the official site HERE to check them out, i went to get real sunny cheerful chirpy wallpaper!
Check out whose on my desktop wall?;D
You can go search for them on the site under characters:)
go brighten up your day!


  1. lol! i wanted to watch HOP too! that time i checked only left cine with only 1 time slot :(

  2. yayaya!! that time when i wanted to watch also like that...i think cause abit too long they closing the film already....