Tuesday, March 29, 2011


After a span of 7 years Mayday collaborates again or work together with the famous '7-11' of Taiwan (ok, that's just how i personally remember it) Family Mart 全家.

I love their slogan for the shop 全家就是你家. Cute right! But something's cuter...Mayday is endorsing the new onigiri rice balls for the shop...Come lets watch the new adverd. So cute can! XD

One thing about all the 24 hours convenience store in Taiwan is their variety of food...and other knick knacks.

photo courtersy of Orange who took this for me when in taiwan!:D
We seem just so lacking in that area, look at Open Jiang the cute little mascot they made for 7 eleven...
why we don't have??

when we think of Supper of any meal during the time of the day when we head to 7 eleven it'll be cupnoodles, bread or something instant in that sense....
over there and likewise in Japan i heard they have real set meals which look and taste o so good! A real bento set.

It'll be really cool if one day we have meals like that in our 24 hour convenience store too...:D

If you found the video of the mayday advertisement too cute...catch the behind the scenes too!:D

Here you go...enjoy!

but no matter what, i think we all enjoy the convenience of a 24 hours store no matter whether its 7 eleven or any other brand store, its just such a convenient find:)

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