Thursday, March 10, 2011

birthdays @ e beach.

With the sun, sand and the sea. and a pinic basket too...!
ok i lied, we didn't have a pinic basket, we had a pinic though, without the basket....
but we had frisbee!:D so fun! the last time i played with the buggers i didn't manage to catch i was abit sad and then aprehensive about playing it this time...but this time we played the easier version...of just you passing...haha..:P and i caught it better! yay! *ahems, pardon the sports idiot.*but my throwing is still like. ultimate fail. it will never fly in the direction i aim it to go. damn. need more practise.....

Lets start with how the day went...*pictures coutersy of ahmad's cam and didi's iphone. all lovely models in picture are ocu family. heh
Here we go!
All lovingly made! and yummmehhh!* I made muffins two days in a row! haha...
far's pasta was awesome!
didi neh chan's tuna pasta was awesome awesomeee!
and linus's nutella filled in strawberry was yummy!! i haven't tried that before...omg. so good.
and twinnie's egg mayo is yummmmms!
show off abit lah. hahaha.
we saw holy rays
*feeling holy. holy music comes on*
but then!!!!!
it had to rain. -_____-
and spoilt my appetite! dang!
the food was so yummmy!
spoilt all out moods a lil....
we had to run to the shelter and our clothes were eith wet with rainwater or splattered with tomato while carrying the so you can see that's why i'm wearing only a came with a white outer piece.
yea, white and then it was covered in red globs of tomato.-_-
there! frisbee! they were like all awesome! they could catch with one hand etc....
i wanted such a cool shot of me looking so pro...but o well...if you arent you heres one of ann nee looking so skilled! everyone else was good too! woooosh and it went!
and it was time for cakey!
we played alot so not that many pics...hahaha...
busy cutting the cake and not posing...hahha...
both ann nee and i are turing 23 this year.
but her birthdate is so cool.
feb 29, once every four years! wow!
she is still soo young:D
see. how people pose nicely and i always like to pose like a idiot...hahaha...well, i was never suited to look like a demure model anyway...
i have no idea what i was gasping at...
but i know in my hand are the very thoughtful gifts from my roomies the geela girls,
far, twinnie and neh chan:))
it really made me smile.
i'll show it to you guys when i get down to taking a picture of it.
so sweet neh.

tadaaa! i managed to capture it and show it to you guys:)
its a cupcake which can be open...but i think what i like most is the little messages inside, what matters most is the thought and sincerity they took to wrote those:))
using didi's iphone app to take such a nice picture:D
and to end the day, a group shot is always lovely.
missing can who helped us took the shot.
thanks to all who help celebrate the birthday together:)
this ones pretty candid and yet posed at the same time...if you get what i mean...
and this was the only group shot! so yea, i gotta post at least one up...hope they don't kill keel me...:P
i think everyone looks nice this way, natural:)

thanks for the memorable 23rd birthday at the beach.
i suffered from muscle aches the next day after all the frisbee catching. damn i'm so unfit. hahaa. but it was awesome fun!

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