Wednesday, March 23, 2011

hello money doesn't drop from heaven.

Sometimes i really feel like telling this to my little cousin....
Shes around secondary school age....and the things i use my lifetime to save and get for myself she just reaches her hand out to her parents and demands for it...tsktsk.

well, ok. they are rich, so..maybe shes used to it.

Imac: Wey! i don't even have one yet.

Isomething: I-don't have any apple products- YET. i'll earn my own.

JB concert ticket (most ex. can't remember, but definitely costing more that any most ex mayday concert ticket. bpffft. he can't compare to the quality they give.): i saw my first mayday concert after poly and was so happy i could finally see one cause i had money for ticketssss. rock on! and i woke up early to grab tickets, she had her mom queue for her. ahdoi. granted shes under 18.

and then now...
mommy. i want a dslr for my birthday. shes like 13?
HELLO! i got mine after like what?poly....?
now kids get everything.

yea, i'm grumbling. because
hello. sorry. sad truth, money doesn't drop from heaven.

damn. i sound like some whining little brat. hahahaha...ok. so if her parents can and want to give it to her, not that i should really care right?

but then where would that put the value of money in her eyes. its i want - i get isn't it?

i hope thats not the mentality of the generation though.

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