Wednesday, March 9, 2011

early celebrations.

i really like this pic:)
*haha. i realised that in this pic because it was cropped out it looks as if i'm pointing a middle finger. lols.see the bottom for the original*

Yesh, this year birthday came really early...and to think i wasn't even prepared to celebrate my birthday, i was there for a totally different reason altogether but the reason i initiated the meet up went to the longkang...*no i shan't explain personal stuff here*haha...but they found a new reason for the meet up:)

and yesh, yayness! it was to meet up for my birthday! dang! if i knew it was going to change into a birthday meetup i would have dressed in something better and made sure my face lok more decent....alamakkk.-_-. hahahaha. but anyhooo. it was still a pretty awesome meetup:)) thanks to the girls for being so thoughtful. :D muacks!
We went to eat swensons because the prince's mummy felt like eating pictures there, but we had lotsa laughs..:) so much so that i had such a full bladder and felt like it was going to burst anytime! woosh off to the toilet, scurrying like a little girl...haha...then next off we went to Wan Zhai for some dessert....the beancurd which we wanted to try initially ran out of stock...o man:( but instead we got the mango ice something...which was good to share too! There, the photo above was what was left of it...not that appetising anymore, but its awesome to share among friends for a chit chat...we laughed so much, and they said i and huan 'contaiminated' the ice...hahaha...o well. we're chinese ok, i really cannot stand the ang mo style of 'mix saliva' can die kinda mindset...totally not meaning to offense anyone, and i do understand its alot more hygenic, but it kinda loses the sense of 轻切感 ...i have no idea what is that in english...but yea...of course they were joking....we had so much fun laughing that we were all so full to finish it....
Yay! my new pressie! a bag they got for ladylike! must learn how to use, but lucky they know me well, got sling provided! hahahahah...
I have tons of pics of me opening the bag, but damn, i look so horrible, how do people always look so nice candidly and i look like some pig...-_- ahahha...
i was figuring out how to use it...this way..that way...
last few photos of the day in the mrt station...because we were summoned back...
we know who lah. hahaa...
group pictureeee!
thank you gals.
me love you!
many years and many many many*n more to come!

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