Thursday, March 24, 2011

Birthday Dinner With e Buggers. our 23rd.

*updates. i gotten the restaraunt's address from my friend, if anyone interested can just leave a comment here or in the cbox at the side if i fail to see the comment, i will post up the add here soon when i can.:)*
Its another year I celebrate my birthday together with the two other march baby in the family. Lets see, we have been celebrating our birthdays together at the convenience of everyone for the longest time....i can't even really remember when it really started..i think maybe close to 7-8 years this number looks old, like for the longest time we have been doing this, knowing for 10 or 11 years depending on how you count the years, its close to a decade! Woah. :)
Otanjobi Omedeto watashimo tomodachi!
mina! suki desu. daisuki desu!:)
when happiness is shared its doubled, tripled!

I realised that there are more picutres of the food than of course i'll post some up for you courtersy of the buggers..i can't remember who took what from which cam though...thanks to all photo contributors!:D
Here is Diy. Jo and Yee with thanks to Bie who took the picture:D
Really like this photo of Jo, caught offguard but looking so good!
WHY! o WHY?! Do i never look good when i'm caught offguard, not natural, not charming, nothing. bahh. you need some skill for that. hahaa...or you can look naturally pretty.
i need some of those.
Come let me show you the glorious food...o! but before that, let me share the restaraunt name...hmm. ok, i can't remember the name, but this fancy place is in NUSS Alumni Shaw Foundation Place Level 4. The food is really good.
but if you someone like me who when with a big group cannot sit really quietly and 'posh-ed' manner, you will first squirm and speak in whispers before you get used to the atmosphere....haha...but its a really nice place with good food:)
and now food.
this was the appetiser.
watermelon with cheese.
its really good!
and the bread which was on the house, and tasted sooooo good!
like the one we had comp at the cheesecake facvtory in the states too!
memories. :D
Lobster Bisque
Mushroom Soup!
So good that we digged in and forgotten to take a pic until halfway, thus seeing the results...haha..:P
Chicken And Scallops
Is your appetite wet yet?
Yee's Lobster.
It looks so good that it seems almost like a art masterpiece!
va vaa voom!:D
yay! i took this. *bhb.lols
Sis's Miso Fish.
OMG. i like the texture of the fish, so so goood tooo!
yumss. :D
Jh Duck Something...
omg. SOSOSOSO Good too!
Texture good and so flavourful!
I took this too! muahahaa. another food that looks like a piece of art.
but one thing which got me ehh?! was that the menu wrote Sakura prawn pasta or something like that...but when it came i didn't notice only after passing to everyone and eating halfway then did i notice. EHHH!!! Where is my prawns?!! they wouldn't cheat me would they?
hahaha. of course not! a high class restaraunt like that...
the prawn was really really was more like what we chinese call 'hae bee' lols...
the tinnnnny dried prawns, cheated lols!!
but nah, it tasted so so goodd! you almost want to ask for seconds!
Rek and Diy's Crab something pasta...real good too!:D
sorry. picture doesn't do any justice to how good it taste..mmm.
jo's fish. :)
a break from the food, yee smiling prettily all dressed up:)
i took this! muahahahaa.
ok, this photo came because jh asked me to take a photo of my food, and because i seldom do that am not very good at it, and got tired after a few bad tries and decided to shoot yee with my food instead, then went back to shoot my food which was what you got shown above....haha:P
well, what can i say, i like to take picture, pretty photos. but i really like my food too, they go down too fast when they come right in front of me. so most of the know why i don't shoot them..heh heh:P

ok. a break from all the glorious good food pics, lets show some humans...
yesh. its us 3.
ting. me. jh.
Happy Birthday You and You
everyone has a different way of making a wish..but everyone makes it magical by closing our eyes...almost as if the magical fairy is in front of us listening and we're not spoiling the moment by staring them in the eye....
Diy so lovingly prepared us 3 cakes. :)
one each!
mine and sis were cheesecake! yay! see our happy faces!
jh's was carrotcake, can see from his face that its not his favourite kind...:P
i love the colour of this pic:)
when you have your own cake you get to blow out your own candle..yay!
jo was telling us blowww slowllyyy.
and thus this photo;)
and i love making wishes.
more cakes,
means more candles,
means more wishes! yay!
yea, i realised, i'm getting a little narcissistic here.
but hey, i was the bday girl:P
you know my first wish right?
good powers above, please work hard on it.
please. thank you.
What did you all wish for? :)
i think there is no more unglamourous person that can be compared to me...
to take this photo i dropped all the berries on my plate....not once, not twice, but thrice!!
any potential bf material would run away shaking their head already...hahaha...
but this photo turned out nicely with the berries intack! hahaa.
there. the dropped berries. and there. me laughing so hard.
i was laughing soo hard when they had to pick up my berries and put it back on the plate for me....that afew of my photos had me with my head down laughing even though i was holding onto to the plate...

then it was pressie time!
i'm showing this cause i don't have any photo with bie...
so heres one with her presenting me the presents...thanks buggers!:D
we are happy people yo.
big surprise!
don't let the cat out of the bad yet!
bie and jh
the front row stand the march babies with our presenttts.
and the back row are all our beloved present givers.
i don't like to stand in the front row because it trains your tigh muscles...hahahahahah.

present opening..actually i play cheat because mine was exposed!o naked! haha...
jh also play cheat because his present was ready to see the world before he was. it litterally dropped out of the bag...:P
the cat's out of the bag!
no wait, the cat is the bag!
Yay! all the wonderful wonderful cameras!
and my not so wonderful blemished face :(((
the boy and his globe.
why your skin so good. i hate you. -__-
nowadays we don't hideaway to write each others card,
we know its going to happen so we openly write it...hahaha...
there. very openly writting the card.
Dohh. i hate my fat arm as much as my blemished face.
potential bf scareaway tactic 2. refer to berries for tactic 1.
thank you.
after everyone finished their sweet notings on our cards we finally got to see them.
Such nicely done up cards!:))

Ok! Hope you've digested the earlier posting of the for chang chang! my favourite...the desserts!
we were all commenting how full we were....
when the desserts came...
they were gone!!
magic i tell you!
my favourite is of course the chocolate fondue.
anything chocolate.
count me in!
it's so good it deserves a second picture.
and a third!
let me drool at all the chocolate just oozing out.
its bursting, waiting with joy just to jump out of its containment shouting
Cowabunga! Here i comeee!

Here is date pudding.
hmmx. ehhx.
you get what i mean...:p
the earl grey something...
hmmx. ehhx..:P
but the presentation looks stunning right!
and i thought that thing there looked just like a piece of shashimi...
its actually cured do not like pear..
and lastly another one of my all time favourites. you can never go wrong if you order something chocolatey or a apple crumble for me.
and if its so good what does it deserve?
say it together with me now....
A second photo!
mmmm mmmm mmm~!

good presentation and good food.
A for this restaraunt!
just, very out of the way...hahaha...
thanks diy for letting us know of such a wonderful place, if not i would never imagine myself coming to a place like this so out of the way. and then i would miss all the awesomeee food.

thanks buggers for the wonderful night and presents

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