Monday, March 28, 2011

i felt so love like it was my birthday again. :)

This was the last of my birthday celebrations of 2011 in honouring? wrong word in celebrating my 23rd year on earth. Wait. this sounds wrong, it sounds like *cheng cheng cheeenng*sound effect, i'm not going to celebrate anymore. cheycheychey. CHOY!! touch wood. nono. i'm just meaning, the girls were the last people to celebrate my 23rd birthday with me, that's all. :) till my 24th again next year. ahh. yesh.

So lets see, who did i celebrate my birthday with?
taadaa! my favourite girls of course!;)
flautist in the house yo.
their teaching you the steps 1.2.3 of correctly cleansing you face.

The only part of the night which i guess i wanted to grumble about was the short short time that we had to spend with each other....i wish we had more...but things are like that aren't they?
It always seem like time is too short when your having fun enjoying with pals, if it were doing something you don't like with people you do not enjoy even 15 mins seem toooo loong.
i'm sure everyone has experiences like that before. haa
We went to Marche for a yummy dinner!
ok. call me mountain tortise.
it was my FIRST time there!
ok. i admit, i've taken photos of and with the marche cows countless time. but that's about as close i've come in encounter with marche.
but its not like i don't know or haven't heard about it, just never been there.
thanks to orange's suggestion, if not we'll spend half an hour thinking of what to*very normal* hahahaha

we were really running short of time because we had a movie to catch! and so our dinner was fast, i wish it was longerr. haha...
they gave me my pressie during dinner!:D
Here! this is me going...*let me guess whats inside!
why do i never look nice when i take this kind of photos?
*why. wails. hahaha
hahaha! jy wrapped the present with a wrapper which had Malay Happy Birthday on cute...
the happy birthday in malay which i knew of was
Selamat Hari Jadi..i guess there are many ways of saying it...learn something new everyday!
then huiling pulled out a cake from her bag..
just like a magician pulling out a rabbit from the hat.
*happy little kid*
why did i have that look on my face?
i was thinking...should i eat it now? later? bring home? ahhaaha...
before anything, i must have a photo with my cake and unopened pressie!
while i was opening they commented...jy! no need to wrap one...sarah open present will take forever....hahaa...ya. i admit..usually i will open the presents very nicely as not to spoil the wrapper....i will take about 10 shots or more....
but this year jy was smart she used stapler to get the wrapper it only took me...
2 shots! piak piak piak! opened!
here i am busy opening the present!
i like this shot, know why? you can't see my face. lols
no unglamness? :p
a new bag!:D
bags are always good.
never can have too many, like clothes! heh heh.
my new baggie!
my fave cousie and i have a weakness for bags and jackets...our mom always nag us when we want to buy its awesome we get them as gifts..*good excuse eh. *puppy eyes*not we buy one mahhh...:P
i thought that was all...
but surprise surprise!
there was more to comeeeea!
I was thinking to myself...what a heavy bag....
but it never occursed to me it was because there was stuff inside..
thus my surprised expression when i open...
like you thought the best was over but noooo. theres moreeee!
so like a little kid i excitedly pull out thing after thing, i especially like the feeling!
its like playing *tikam. or opening the japanese 福袋 that you will buy and never know the goodies your going to get...
its an exhilarating feeling...and then a feeling of warmth because i could feel the sense of sincerity and effort put into putting the present together...:)))
can you see my touched face?
surprised with a fuzzy feeling in your heart.
they say its love. *oo. corny. lols*
i say i dunno what it is, but its a happy feeling:)
aww. so loved. with so many things to be inside the picture i was going...
no hand no hand! lol and they had to help me arrange the formation to be placed so it can turned up well in the photo...
thanks girls.
love. love. muacks!
really love all the thought gone into my present.
so appreciated. :)

o! and yes, let's not forget our lighting master, the whole evening credits go to this light which eluminated my face for a *what ling call* a nicer more natural effect....actually its just the marche light above our table...ling always tilted it towards me when they shot pictures of me...thus the nice warm glow on my face....hahaha...
this is with lights aimed towards me.
*omg. the dark eye circles. their popping out.*boo.
and then....
too ugly. here. show another one...*narcissitic mode on a lil:P
eh. my blog what...just a little, once in awhile...abit only:P
without the light below...
we shot this picture because she wanted to emphasise the difference with lighting and no lighting.
ahaa. she can be the lighting manager already!
pass her the lights!
let's not forget our other star for the night
the tiramisu cake from bakerzin....
i love tiramisu but i've tried some tiramisu cakes and they scared me abit...
but i know bakerzin cakes are daa bomb, though i've never eaten them before but i've heard astounding reviews about them.
So i knew it was going to be awesomeeee!
Ling and the girls probably knows i love normal tiramisu and thus got me this..:))
Tiramisu from Bakerzin. *TWO THUMBS UP!:DDD likey!

Just as we finished our cake it was time for the show...ok we had to hurry up a lil...luckily orange remembered the ads were going to run for 20mins...haha...
Ling treated me to the Marche dinner. ZOMG. SO SWEET RIGHT...*melts*
Arigatou neh. :)
and it was sneakily...*hey sarah wheres your card?
me: in my pocket?
ling: pass me
me: without thinking..nah.
ling: takes and pays...don't let me pay saying its a treat.
How can they all be so cool like that.
i want to be cool too!
teach me.

okok. then we quick walked..zoom zoom! cause we were late!:P to the cinema to catch...
following the shakespear adaption of Romeo and Juliet here comes one from garden elves.
over here its not the house of capulets versus the house of montague, its fairly simply adapted to be the blue elves vs the red evles.

frankly. i like this version better. *spoiler* it has a happy ending.
call me superficial. whatever. i like happy endings.
too many tragedies in real life, i don't need more cartasis from the movies to put that into perspective.
the reds vs the blues.
which side are you on?
i like blue colour but frankly for this movie, i support pink!
*you'll get it if you've watched the show*
but i'm a blue.
and i'm a red.
*excited* and i'm a pink!
usually people who know me know that when i watch shows i look out for secondary characters too...i really like the frog in this show too...she added alot of comedic moments.
i like her role better that the main because well...shes more funny?

I do reccommend it if you need a good short laugh. Don't hold too high expectation, its a family movie to bring laughter, not tears, do not bring your shakespear's perspective in, if not you'll probably not enjoy it....go with a light mood, its really entertaining and light hearted!:)
my buddy's in jail! help! in jail still look so happy. bluff
jy! thank you for the movie...*which she skillfully ignored my msg for her account number to pay her back* time i'll treat you back...xiexies:)) it was awesome funny!:D

after the movie, we headed out for a little photo taking because we were in such a rush we hadn't manage to take one together before we left....
and so we headed outside...this was shot using my sony panorama that function...i just need to perfect using it well to make the best out of it....
light this point...i still hadn't remembered that i brought out my cam...we were using jy's:))
the floor had really beautiful LED? lights with an illuminated origami bird.
jy took this for us...
then we got some random nice person to help us take ashot...though albeit darkness..its still really nice:)
we found the place a little too dark...and so we did the same trick again...look for lighting!
taaadaa! our good source of lighting! mr big ball of white light.
at this point jy's camera had ran out of battery...and i remember i brought mine! ahh. stupid. :P
this photo is really nice:))
THANK YOU to you you and you.
this was below the big ball of light....not bright enough to illuminate all...
don't ask me why they were squating?
i don't know too...? hahaha...
so cute.
i'm so happy we got to take so many photos that day...
it's been a long time since we shot like that....:D
jy shot the time i remembered i wanted to shot was over. -__-
yesh. next time we will go there k girls?:)
all the way inside sentosa, i heard its a new performance..looks nice!
orange wanting to pretend we were in sentosa....
bluff one..we were only 1/4 there...hahaa...if we followed the whole board walk we would reach sentosa...but it was pretty late by then...and ling was wearing high heels...haha..
from the far this paper rabbits looked more like rabbits, at closer look, it lost its feel...
it reminded us of the garden rabbits from the cute!!
and then ling found the pillar...
which was big enough, or rather she was small enough to be hidden by the entire pillar!
in sequence. 1.2.3.
jy has even thought of a pillar name for me:
pillar rah!
hahaa.i thought it sounded like a pokemon name...very cute ah!
and then i guess they just took the pillar as me...see...if you photoshop me in there...i would fit nicely into the place where the pillar
but this photo is way too cute. :D
andthen of course, the most important
自拍! of everyone!:)))
success! everyone's in the shot!
nice and clear:)
meet sadako's long lost sister...Sakoko!
nexttime if i'm not carrying the cam i'll play along too!
holding the cam abit hard lah...haha...
as orange said...toilet shots are mandatory.
its a tradition!
we were waiting for ling to come out...
Here's one of all of us! :)
Heres a last one of all of us...
thank you girls.
for every thing, big n small
it was really an awesome awesome night which i enjoyed very much and felt really love and important. its like i had more than one birthday a year.
watashimo tomodachi, suki desu, daisuki desu!
mina kawaii so!

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