Friday, March 11, 2011

and because the birthday girl wishes so. it must be done.

theres the saying that the birthday girl is the biggest (not in size, but figuratively, more powerful or rather most powerful) on her birthday. and today regardless whether that saying is just an urban legend, i want to use that right. in the states my birthday ends tomorrow, in asia where i am it ends in half an hours time.

So no matter what, i sure hope the good might people, gods, buddha and all powerful beings above heard my first wish i made out of my three wishes before blowing out my candles today.
The first wish can be said and the other two are silent, so i'm sure it must have been heard. Please be benovelent and help stop all the disasters and keep the risk to the minimum...

If you are still blur as to what is going on in the world at the moment, an earthquake of rictor scale 8.9 struck Japan this afternoon and the quake was so bad it caused a tsunami and it was passed on to many other countries to have tsunami warning signs...but luckily the tsunami in the other countries arent as bad as worst fear. thank goodness.

Here are some of the reports handy to get info if you're lost (the links are attached to the reports):
Japan quake leaves hundreds dead amid massive damage
Tsunami surge from Japan quake hits Hawaii i pray and wish for the safety of all the people in the disaster struck countries especially Japan my favourite city...what i saw on the news was just terrifying. I hope all will recover soon, and may the number of casualities stop growing from all these disasters. enough.put a cap to it soon.

it will take a while for Japan to recover from such a massive disaster but i really hope they can recover soon from all the hurt, anguish, loss and pain. jia you! mighty people above, please be very kind. let there be less casualties,less suffering and more moments of light in this people's lifes, they need it now.

and its my birthday wish. you have to grant it right. right.
i didn't wish for any great dude to come my way this year, so there. its probably an easier task to be more benovelent to all those innocent.

lets all pray for japan. and all the rest of the other countries in the ring of fire. please, keep all damages and disasters to the minimum, its more that enough already. stop. now show them love and power of kindness.

Everyone be safe, take care. my loved ones, pals, your safety means more than gold to me.

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