Thursday, March 3, 2011

五月天3DNA starts filming finally!:DD

Mayday 3DNA film has finally begun filming!:)
the filming news was released on around febuary 18th..
for this film they invited Richie Ren and Renee Liu aka Nai cha to help act in the show too...
Richie will act as a taxi driver and renee will be the passenger...
theres 3 segments in the story, richie's and renee's will be one of the segment, the concert will be another one...
it'll be 60-70mins of concert material from Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and many different country concerts and 20-30 mins of storyline acting..
I really can't wait to see the finished product!
i'll be enticipating it o!
Haven't seen Mayday in a long time...will be patiently awaiting!

o and here is the new Mayday Audi Car ad!:D
五月天Audi A1终极之约
they don't have it youtube yet and i can't seem to embed it from youku's webby so click on the link to go see the commercial video for the new audi A1 done by Mayday!;)
You can join the competition on the webby too, i've linked the photo to the site...not to sure if its only for taiwan or everywhere though...:p

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