Tuesday, March 8, 2011

in the rabbit year, we watch k movies, eat and drink happy.

During this new year, apart from going over to Ann nee's house, they came over to my place too....
So many shoes, reminds me of my sec sch days when the whole gang of buggers and some juniors came...then it'll be so many people...
shoes in every colour.

My home is pretty boring as in entertainment wise....apart from playing cards...and if you choose the tv..then there's no newer form of entertainment...
this year...
Pepsi and Cola became hot stuff!
Here's Cola with Sixiu, aka Cat.
Far with Pepsi
With Didi oneh chan. Does pepsi look like her? Do they look alike?
both cute lah.
Ivan smelling Pepsi...smells good? heh.
all my hammies smell good!
apart from playing with pepsi and cola...we watched 2 k movies...wow. :))
i love watching movies, concerts with friends at home...the last time i watched one whole concert was with the girls..watching mayday concert.
i wish i get to just quietly enjoy such times with more friends at home...
feels nice:)
all the oranges for exchange...and ang paos!
then lo hei!
ahmad had never lo hei-d before so i promised we would have it in my house...
wonder what he thought about eating and lo hei-ing, i hope he had fun and didn't suffer like jibjib when it came to eating it....:P haha
forgot to take before eating...
and thus this was the aftermath after everyone took theirs...
why no one like the cracker?! i likeee!
from the way mad is eating and did not notice me taking the photo...i assume he thought it was nice.....hahaha...:p
look at didi and ll..
seeing my tweenie eat so happily it must be machiso!
LL's little boy smile!

this was the last photo of all of us before some of them had to leave...
but neh chan, didi,cat and far and mo stayed to watch another K movie till about 6 before they left and i sent dad to the airport to leave for shanghai...

it was fun
i wish i could always have all my friends over for a little fun.

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