Monday, March 21, 2011

Gambatte Japan! Your in our prayers.

I haven't been doing any recent posts on my recent birthday celebrations yet because everytime i think of doing it i see something else i wanna blog about.

today i send my highest, most utmost respect and biggest salute to the Honorable Heroes of the Fukushima 50, some where volunteered while others volunteered. They all play a part doing their expertise to try save the nuclear situation, they do this very well knowing the damage done to their own health and lifes eventually. Really. Who would do that? Only super heroes, only, these people are real, they do not own super powers, they do not wear cape or fly around, they just do what they do best and what makes them most heroic is their selflessness.

If life goes on the cycle of Kharma, these people probably have reached the highest level already, because 救人一命胜造七级浮屠. (english translation of what tt means here) They are selflessly working day in and out for the people of their country and beyond. That's not just saving one life, that's alot.

So my highest respects really go all out to you Heroes of the Fukushima 50 and also to the warriors helping out the disasters at the time of strike and afterwards even up till now, you all are just awesome awesome people. I salute you all, and pray for your well being.

Japan! Stay Strong! Gambatte! Everyone is praying for your recovery and cheering you on!
This was done by my facilitator/ex mentor and local graphic artist Soh Eeshaun to cheer on Japan contributed to the site Ganbatte Nippon a facebook page made for that very purpose of spreading some needed cheer and support for Japan. I especially like their montage of getting people to hold the printed messages, good one! nicely done! *thumbsup! Go check them out @ their fb page, Ganbatte Nippon!. ;) awesome awesome drawing. but besides that, i think no matter how ever the picture turns out or whoever the artist is, that cliche thought can be inserted here *not in a bad way of course, i dunno, some people associate cliche to bad. beats me?*, its really the thought that counts. everyone is in their own way cheering Japan on. :)

Japan really amazes me sometimes, nah. most of the time, that's why i love that place....they made a video to educate kids on the recent nuclear event happening around them and yet it is so simply put that i think even a kid in kindergarden can get it...just watch, you'll get what i mean.

even in such disaster, they can regain their composure and sensibility and ensure that even kids are aware of what is going on and no one is left to undue panic...good job!
*thumbs up*

i just read this so i thought i'll share it with you guys who are reading and may popby these places. Mercy relief donation tins are placed @ Maybank brances islandwide, mrbean islandwide, Jumbo restaraunt outlets...and more info Here.

日本 ! 頑張って! がんばって!
(yesh, google translate again. :P)

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  1. Its a real good video :) Hope Jaoan will be better.