Sunday, March 13, 2011

pray for japan*peace and recovery to the people

this is done by the famous taiwanese comic artist wanwan (shes in my links if interested).simple but captures the essence of what we all can do for now.

i've seen on some people statuses and in blogs people discussing about the japan earthquake, mostly positive things to cheer them on. But i feel rather disgusted by the people who actually silently smug at the plight, they believe it is retribution for the innocent lives lost in the world war. OH COME ON. people. Seriously?!
and i quote this from my friend which i so aptly thinks put my perspective into view
"if you don't have a brain, at least have a heart."

how can you be so nonchalant and so cold towards people's suffering.
what has past has past already.
those who were evil back then will suffer their sins, but not the innocent who are trying their best to recover.
they do not need your mockery or insensitivity.
think people think. have a heart.
this are innocent everyday people like you and me.
they need love and cheering on now.

Here is a response site set up by Google, which gives news links and useful links if you are looking for a loved one in Japan or want to make a useful donation sum to the Japanese via the Japanese Redcross directly. I shall leave the link here for easy acess

2011 Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami - Google Crisis Response Site

Seeing the news every hour to keep updated about the situations is actually really difficult, partly you really want to know the current most updated news, but then again you keep seeing all the heartwrenching news and photos...
it almosts make me come close to tears welling up.
i have a friend who is in japan at the moment, well and safe thank god.

it is just one friend and i can get worried enough luckily she replied soon and the friend in the states replied soon when i precautioned her about the current situation.
i really cannot imagine all the people there at that current moment when the phone lines were all jammed trying to get to their loved ones and some still holding on to a linger of hope without news of their family yet....
*i pray for all of you in japan*
however insignificant people might think moral support is, i think it counts it really does.
every little bit, moral, physical or whatever kind of support. of course if you have the means, donate via the redcross link i embeded above through the google crisis page.
we are all cheering for you Japan.
we pray for your safety and recovery to come soon.
(translated through translator, not too sure if its exactly accurate though,but more or less it should be correct:))