Monday, July 9, 2012

Away We happend by Wong Fu Productions!

Been really really busy with work lately so I haven't been able to catch many dramas that i used to love to catch...but! catching Wongfu youtube videos is a must! One thing it's short enough for me to load with the youtube app on my iphone so i can catch it on the MRT on the way to work another is's really addictive...:D *ok. i'm bias cause it's wong fu*

Today I'm gonna share one of their new mini series! :) Look out for episode 4! It's one of my fave! It was a shoot as you go video...they did a week by week shoot after every episode they took in comments into consideration to make the next episode...i feel it might have been a little stiff but to think they did it with so little time on the go and needing to take into consideration all the comments and all...i'm loving it!

Here you go!

It was done for AT&T a American phone line. 
I rmb using this line when we were there! 

Catch it!

and i also fell in love with David Choi's Song while watching this series!

now i'm on repeat for his whole song list. 
i've always loved his voice, but this song nailed it!
now officially he is in my list of favorite singers. 

Woohoo David! :)

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