Saturday, December 15, 2012

Thiong Bahru Bakery

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Ting and I are avid bread fans. Ok, I'm a little more picky I love my breads fresh from bakeries. I have come to dislike those white gardenia bread unless they are toasted or made into French toast.

Why? Not int because of the taste, but also because of the texture. I am a big fan of good texture. But this doesn't mean I must have expensive breads, quite the opposite!

One of my favourite breads are the cheap kinds freshly baked in the Coffeeshop without preservatives the home loaf our parents used to get as kids.

And of course I enjoy all those other yummy treats from the good expensive bakeries too. If only they weren't so pricey...but if so maybe my weight would just balloon....! Haha...

And so ting and I have been wanting to try this "Tiong Bahru Bakery" for some time after hearing raving reviews about their croissants.

After a few attempts we finally met to go there. Well, me being me I thought we would be going to the one in tiong bahru cause it is called that right? And my googling skills were not working on that day.

I didn't know they had a second branch in Raffles City now. So yay for for all of us because it is more convenient now!:))

I wasn't thinking of writing a post for these so pardon my lack of photos.

After much getting lost and guidance from ting we finally reached! From the line in the display me being me i wanted to order EVERYTHING! haha...

But we collected ourselves and order 4 things.
The much acclaimed about must order plain croissant, the chocolate croissant , a cheese and ham something and a pandan fleur ( that's how I rmb it is spelt) haha...

And a mocha and lemonade. If you ask me about the house drinks I will tell you straight, DON'T even bother.My mocha was horrible. :(

Ok so yea now that's done let me continue...the service was good they were all very smiley and attentive even towards a blur customer like me who needs to huh a few times to understand them. Love places with good nice service people! :))

They offered warming of food services too...when we went there were not so many people so we picked a nice couch seat. (Which happen to be just outside the kitchen)

I always wanted to work in a bakery...just so I can bring home bread lols..greedy!

When they sent our warmed up cheese an ham pastry it seemed a little blacker than usual but to us, it was alright I guess. We are not so picky..lols..

So a round of Instagram photos we go! Just as we were about to tuck in a lady came out of the kitchen and walked pass our table and walked back.

She requested to take away the little burnt cheese and ham pastry cause she told us it was over burnt. As there was none left in the counter she told us they would make a fresh one for us immediately in 20mins. We were not in a hurry so we were alright.

But we were quite sad to think the burnt one might have been thrown away...nooo! Give us! But that is their respect towards quality.

Later learnt the lady was the chef inside! Respect their love towards giving customers good quality! And as a form of apology for the bad quality presented to us they gave us a free brownie!

Talk about good service!! This place is awesome:))

And this was what made me want to write this post. A bakery whose baker does not compromise on quality just because of pricing is a one worth my. Recommendation. I believe with a place like this, it can only get better!

My recommendation based on what I've try is still the plain croissant. It stands strong! Must eat if you go there.

Didi told me their burgers are really good too! I haven't tried them yet..but might the next time...they have too many new things to keep me going to try all of them!

Go try them out today! One in Raffle city (I personally feel this is very accessible And the other in Tiong Bahru, but a little out of the way. But for good bread, worth it). :D

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