Thursday, January 17, 2013

Happy 2013!

Hello there! :D Finally I'm sitting down to blog...we are now 3 weeks into the first month of 2013. How has your year been going? How is it treating you? Hope everyone's beginning of this year has been going pretty well pretty smoothly...

It's a new year so time to put things especially all the unhappy events of the past year and start moving on! So this year as per last year or wait wrong. It was 2012 as per 2011 i spent it counting down with my buggers. :) <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">
this year's activity was to do up a time capsule! and so here we go writing in our new year's resolution...but i think we kinda did it a little wrongly though...:P
 here we are!
why do i say we kinda got it wrong?
New year's resolution is usually written and placed in place to frequently remind you of the thing you need to be mindful of / change during the year to complete it. 
A time capsule is usually a memory or a lil something you wanna tell 'the you of the future' 

and so 我们弄错了。 lol
anyhow. it'll be good to see if we did remember what we said and managed to work to it. 
our first photo together of the year. i love this people! (as you can see because i'm putting this caption, i am pretty anal about who lands in my picture and thus it has some edits. :P and no i'm not sorry because i'm a horrible monster like that)
when i was writing my new year's resolution then i wasn't sure what i wanted for the year (well, the reason i've never set resolutions is cause i don't fulfill it. haa!) so despite what i've wrote, i shall write another resolution, i have come up with stuff i would like to fulfill for the year! :D in another post!

And so looking through my instagram pics let me see how the new year has treated me..
 on the first day back to work we went to this super awesome ramen at tanjong pagar. Really really good soup base!! :D it serves free flow tau gei and egg. yums. :)))

 i received a surprise gift from foong. omg so loved:D
and also the xmas cards and gift i sent her way back and thought was lost along the way finally got into her hands. it's really a happy thing to know that your sincerity reaches it's addressee. 
met part of my travel's really been a long time. 
i've not seen cat, fahr, twinnie and ivan since i'm not too sure when....but it's definitely more than 8 months i should long. seems like everyone is doing pretty good, is always good to see and hear :)

 it's really late now, i shall end this post here and hopefully come back soon as i previously said to write up my resolutions here. 

but definitely one of the more important ones is to do more of what makes me happy. 

you too. 
make that your resolution. 
Can't wait to see the rest of everybody i haven't met in the new year yet! :D

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