Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Denim. i know denim. I have been wearing it half my live pls!

Almost everyone who knows me knows that I am the poster child for being the Tees & jeans kinda person. or Shirt/blouse and jeans kinda gal.

Ok. Saying poster child is putting too much of myself in the beautiful ray of light because who am i kidding, when was I ever poster child material? ahh. in my dreams. not too bad there!

because my thighs are not in proportion to my hips and yada yada...i only learnt how to wear jeans and only that in my years of growing up from primary to secondary...so you can't exactly blame my fashion sense. I couldn't fit into other stuff well. lols...

Usually people find jeans suffocating....but for me the jeans I chose to wear are almost like second nature...of course i do have to admit there are those few which i would love to rip apart once i put them on.

But....denims have really been part of my life...it's been there for every other occasion...I would have inserted more example pics...but facebook only go that far and i have to sieve through waay too many! So let me show how i rock the fashionistic denim my way & how it blends right into my daily life and important points thereafter...
from when i go to USS to meet my favourite Kung Fu panda Po. 
i usually don't go so far back when looking at photos but since i was on this topic i found this pic very apt...
(an almost graduation day photo with my buddies then whom i've not met in a loong time)
doesn't it remind you of FRIENDS sitcom?
to visiting Ming's very important family day visit at his OCS

to celebrating a friend's birthday
and just trying to look cool. 
and feeling like a total rockstar. in tees. shades and denim looking o-so-cool. 
*ling is so going to kill me with this pic. but i think quite cute mah! :P
it makes picture perfect memories. 
well faded. *pun unintended.lols
you can see how important my denims are to me because i wore it on my first date. 
a girl can fantasize can't she?
In fact we all are rocking it out in denim! ( i think. wes are you?)

 all the way to meeting Mr President Obama. 

see my denims are awesome. 

they follow me throughout my lifetime. 
when it's cold it's probably the most practical wear pls. 
someone said something about being inflexible in it..?

See what i just did there? 
I made all your you go through my pictures of meee!
vicious. bhb. 

i feel the best denim style to suit the denim wearing me would be 
 it was down to this two...

*drum rolls*
after much thinking i believe starlet straight would be my choice. 
Because I like clean cut cuts. 
Nothing too fancy, very to the point,  like me.
hahaha. :p

With clean cuts I feel it can transcend time, denim is something which has already transcend time and all fashion to let people know it is here to stay. I would like to be known as someone like that, not always chasing newest trends and fashion because it is changing. I know i wouldn't be able to keep up, i want to keep something timeless.Something i can effortlessly throw on a plain top and still bring me places, make me feel comfortable. 


Visit any GUESS Store from 29th Oct – 18 Nov to find your perfect fit and enjoy $20 off when you try–on and purchase a pair of GUESS Jeans (limited to one redemption per customer)!
 i was looking through my pics and thought this would totally sell for a denim pic. 

if you would like us to be denim models, yes, we are more than willing. 
so hesitate no more cause we are rocking it out. 


i have no idea where my confidence comes from. 

from wearing a everlasting comfy pair of that denim.;P

see! we looked so good in our denim that when we asked momo opapa to help us take pic of us with the background he got tempted to shoot our denims instead. 

i rest my case. 

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