Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy Father's Day to all wonderful papas around the world.

 this photo was from my bday 2 years ago! i was looking through the pics and just saw it:))

mucho gracias. :) somehow i feel it's much harder to tell (for me somehow, even if i do feel it) your papa i love you every now and then. I think its a men thing and asian thing not to tell guys especially your dad right upfront I love you Paps!

 But, i still always make the effort when I can to write it down on card to let me paps know that i am always proud of him no matter how sometimes I can get so downright frustrated and angry with him...but deep down he is my beloved paps that I am so proud of...:))

sure sometimes i feel he has his weird ways and all but hey. don't you don't i? We all do, maybe even something i feel perfectly normal can be weird to someone else.. so i guess...if we face the world with our utmost sincerity and not harm anyone else to benefit ourselves i think we are alright. :)


So this was how we celebrated father's day last week for my beloved papa!
hehe <3
wine. card. mille crepe cake self collected 
very yummy!!:)

 mumsie and i brought him to sembawang to have dinner..
this wasnt the original restaurant we chose...
but it was cool too:)
 according to this beer totally solves everything!
 this was what i wore for the evening!
my new dress and necklace from bkk..
Love it!

 instagram can honestly make everything look nice..
but really...this place is quite cosy on its own:)
 ending off with this favourite pic of mum and dad of the night! 


afterwhich i have been sick for a whole week now since that Sunday. 

Poor me. :(

if you are reading this...pls think of my sickness away!
let it begoneeee!!!!

if only i wasn't working had lotsa free time to rest, then sure i can be sick, i have always been a sickly child no biggie. lols.

but now i have mountain's load to clear everyday even when i'm on pls don't do this to me!
i need a able body and clear mind.

maybe even with a lil bit of luck more smartness come my way. 

my bro used to say i'm not so smart so i work hard....

well, that's quite alright with me i guess. 
i admit it. i'm not that smart, so whatever i ever lack i make up for it in sheer hardwork. 

gambatte masu!!
dear body! you too! get well sooonnnn!!

and to you reading. 

take good care!
Drink lotsa water!
be a nice human:)

pardon my sloppiness in blogging!
been really busy and err sick too!!

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