Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Little encouragement keeps me going:)

For some reasons people close to me always think I'm the little bubbly one who jumps around happily...

I don't mind's good to be the crazy bouncy one..lols.

As much as i am crazy and happy most of the time, I am also pretty much a big 大哭包 was so as a kid but got better when I was bigger...I still cry a lot but just not in front of anybody now if I can help's a good form of release actually. Rekkha used to say the one good thing about me is my fast ability for positivity. I do admit, it's not always there..but 70% of the time it is! :)

I need courage too, and I find it by releasing all the unhappiness and them coming back alive again. I fall and cry easily, but after that I jump back up alive again! Like a 不倒翁!

During periods like these I love to eaee encouraging stuff or funny pics...these were the stuff shared with me...

(Ok I'm using my iPhone to blog. I have no idea if my photos will turn up where I want them to be)-_-;;

Let me share them with you..hope your days brightens up a lil!:D

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