Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Sent Mr Chai to the airport yesterday.....he is going to Europe for 5 months...5 months worth of fun!! Can you imagine?!

I also want! :( Castles.....yada yada amazing places in between which i don't potter...Switzerland! and more amazing places....* jealous already!* haha....
this was the polariod which only the birthday boy going away boy got to take away...
the rest of us just used our phones to instagram it...

take care dude! don't need to tell you to have fun. it's a natural thing. safe. :)

We met on two consecutive days!
 the lemon tart thingy was omg so yummmmyyyyy!

On Sunday to celebrate Ming's birthday and on Monday to send Jh away. 

I usually am rather reluctant to go out and return home late on monday to thursday (weekdays) cause i'm so busy plus after being so busy all you want to do is just relax your mind for the next day...

but for people i'm close to...definitely. 

realised everytime a bugger goes overseas for sometime there would be at least a few representatives to send them off...
people who i less than 3  :))

I was most lucky to have a big group of buggers to send me off when i went to the states...hehe...
(though i rmbed i look lika cui max on that day -_-)

they say friends are like family you choose for yourself. 


i think friends are akeen to the second family that by fate i met and by love and determination keep with me. 
(hey. i mean you need to work hard to upkeep every kind of relationship right? even friend ship. :))
we met by fate but choosed to keep by each other's side. 

yesh. <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

I have a habit which is to be very protective over anything which i consider as 'mine' even friends and family. 
i must always have the security of knowing they are safe and well to function properly...

i get really annoyed or worried in any case when i feel that people close to me are in danger and i can't reach them or can't help them....

yesterday i realised that my reaction is blatantly clear to everyone. hahaha!
and i don't bother to attempt to hide it. 

People always say i'm a nice person. 
nahhh...deh deh. wrong!

I'm a reflection of who i am facing...if you're nice to me. i'll be really nice back. 
but if you're going the other way, don't blame me for not being the poster child for politeness. 

bie's guy friend whom i didn't like for very good reasons (which i shall not even try to mention) suddenly decide to turn up (or so i presume)

whoops! the two daughters were trying to keep it a secret! haha...
if i had known more i and if it wasn't so late already i  would probably gone ahead and have a good chat.

because i know that my family deserves only the best. 
nothing less than that. 

scums are not allowed into the family. 

there's this very minor detail that usually nobody notices but i kinda practise...
i'm all into social media and all (duh. look at where i work)
but i won't add fb friends of just any new boyfriends/girlfriends of friends...unless i'm certain they are really going steady and most probably walking down the red carpet together....

it's a weird habit i guess...?
i'm weird like that. 
i put alot of effort when i make friends you see *defensive*

i know that by being this protective over my close friends it might make them uncomfortable or feel very loved ( i hope most of the time its the latter, not everyone has special treatment from me one hor. only if i treat you like family. hehe) for my family, i guess they take it for granted i'm like tt. haa!

but as my tweet puts it...
i'd rather i say something because i wanna be a real friend and say it for your good...rather than be all nice and smiley and regret one day i was nice but not nice enough....

sometimes i worry that it backfires and all...but then again...
i'd rather my buddy gets angry with me now then look back 10 years down and say why didn't you tell  me earlier?

but i'm glad...
we understand each other well enough...

<3 p="p">


but for that guy. 

i'm watching you. 

*stern hand signals my eye watching you hand signals*


hahahaa....i bet i sound like the scary mom that all boyfriends wouldn't dare to meet. 

generally the rule applies, if you're a nice person i'll like you and treat you nicely too. 

*big grinny smile*

now i sound like a psychopath. 

lol lols. 

i should stop.
i'll end off with a nice photo of gong cha from the celebration.

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  1. Happy Holiday~! I'm still reading ur bloggie ^_^ Keep it up~~