Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Smurfs in town!

I had this photos of the smurfs in my handphone for the longest time but kept forgetting about them. Today I finally remembered and downloaded them, and tadaa their here right now for your viewing pleasure!:))

This was taken on the same day Ting and I went to eat at Caramel & Hairloom...Yea, that was quite sometimes eh, a big thanks to sis for especially bringing me to see this!:DDD so happy! i didn't know there was such an interesting exhibition in conjunction with the Smurfs Movie.

Here goes!

 the one at the bottom was Ting's favourite because she felt the artist gave it a whole new look and now it doesn't feel very 'Smurfy'.
 derrick ho did a very nice job with the paint work on his smurf in officer suit!
i was a lil dissapointed with the 933 smurf though, i thought the paint job wasn't well done...

 but 933 is still my number one loved station! haha
 i liked this two smurfs for radio 75 especially the little detail of the sweartshirt and the little radio.
hello mozart! i thought this one was cute too!

i didn't take the front of this smurf because i thought it was just so-so.  the back shown here is wow wee. pretty awesome eh?;)

 iron smurf?

 i thought this was pretty creative. instead of painting to get the colour she used the punch holder leftovers to get the colour coordination! interesting!
i thought the mummy smurf done by christopher lee was well done too...
don't play play. this husband and wife team quite strong! haha...

If you are interested in catching this with your own eyes and camera hop by down to Bugis Junction. (Its near to the hotel) I think it is still running but go catch it fast! I'm guessing it will not be there for much longer....

Have fun!:D

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