Thursday, September 8, 2011


You know when they say exercising is good for your heart because you do all those cardio workouts and your heart pumps faster and work harder to strengthen it's muscles right?

Then, when you are very frighten or nervous and your heart is beating very fast, i wonder if that counts as strengthening the your cardiovascular muscles?

called today. no decision has been made yet, their still looking at more people...omy. i'm like one in the hundreds or other people. sigh, its been a tough 2 weeks wait, ok, till monday then its officially two weeks. i shall hope and pray for the best taking all your luck with me (thank you) and also i told mum i'm very scared to hear what i do not wish to hear from them, but mum says its all fair, you have to expect the mights be chances of a 'no' too. if that happens i'll be so disappointed, but o well, at least i gave it my best shot.  But of course saying that, i sure hope its a "YES" Welcome!

I'll just cross my fingers, last few days, throw bucketful of luck my way pls guys!:) shower me with all the love! thanks!:)) jia you!

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