Saturday, August 20, 2011

i prefer a smooth sailing sea.

a acquaintance i met at a headhunt (for sales people, they wanted me, are very nice and all, but its sales, if you don't sell the package you have to eat yourself. and many i've spoke to warn me against it, so i'm listening. so yea, you get what i mean, but that's another story) said to me in one of those small talks:

" Having rejections is more interesting right...? I mean like who would want a smooth journey all the time, it'll be pretty boring...All the more when people say no, you would be fired up...." This was in response to me asking..."so I think half the time people just ignore you and walk off am I right?" At this point of me asking this, it was a friendly small talk, we kinda gotta know each other and were comfortable speaking..

Hearing his response i just kindly smiled and nodded and continued the conversation...but in my head I was thinking, man, i would really rather a 'boring' road if it meant i would have to face less rejections in my life, or more security in that sense, he probably never really faced with big rejections in his life before, maybe apart from bgr. I live on the tenterhooks of bigger rejections and feelings of dejection, at every damn turning point in life. But hey, i haven't died yet, so i'm facing it with optimism. But honestly, if it meant a lil more boredom, maybe i'll just go for that, I enjoy an interesting bumpy ride too, but if there ain't any, i'll settle for a smooth sailing one and just enjoy the scenery to go with it.

and yet of course, while i'm saying these, mine is pretty much still quite flowly, because when you scream frustration, remember, there'll always be someone out there who needs to scream out louder.

Be Positive!;)

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