Thursday, August 11, 2011

noooooo. i missed it :((((

*updates* Yea!! I got it, GV added a 9.15 premier and i managed to get it after a few calls here and there!:)) wee! I think the atmosphere will be good, maybe not as hot as the 715 one but still going to be awesome!:) if you missed getting the 7.15 one like me, hurry! grab the 915 one soon!:)
nooooooo!:(((( i wanted to get the tickets to mayday's premier party for the 3DNA movie screening organised by GV because they'll give away free posters and blue movie lightsticks....but i was kinda busy for the day so i didn't manage to stock out and get the tickets online for the premier in time...:(((( my lightstick, my poster...:((
o well, nvm, i shall go for it on another day when it opens and bring my own light stick *loser. lols
GV card members have discount for this show, so remember to flash your GV card so you enjoy the special promotion...
Can't wait!

If your interested read up a little more on the movie *HERE*

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