Tuesday, August 16, 2011

excuses. excuse me!

I wanted to do a post today, but oo. asthma attacked.
haven't had one in quite a while...i mean for no reason, usually when i have one its because of the weather, sickness or i had been greedy eating things i shouldn't have been...*allergy much to food colouring* What might have been the trigger today? I really don't remember....the donut? or bubble tea....lets blame the passion fruit bubble tea...*poor bubble tea* haha:P

so pardon my lack of post. sick. *ahemx. excuses.* (but i really wanted to....really.)

let me go find my sabutamol which i have been denying myself the whole day trying to be in denial i'm having an attack for no reason.

chao. take care!:)
i'm not like all the pretty bloggers who can post pretty photos to bribe you all, so i'm just posting this ridiculous looking one of me for a good chuckle:)
Drink more coconut! To good health!
I can make a good coconut drinking ambassador! though this one i was drinking was totally unsweet!XP i make it look so tasty...coconut industries...you looking?
Drink more water in these crazy weather folks:)

1 comment:

  1. possible that the passionfruit bbtea is the food coloring that you're allergic to wor!
    Take care and hope to cya tmr.