Sunday, August 7, 2011

on one of those days.

this post is in response to jy's request to see my wedges. LOLs. Doesn't that sound very youtube like? If you frequent youtube you'll understand what i mean....

And here is a look at my first higher heel shoes....its actually a wedge so that's doesn't count as a heel anymore does it?i'm still not too sure about this heel thing, its quite comfy, but as i have a lousy 'man's cut' foot i still tend to get blisters, but this shoes doesn't give me stuff too bad so i'm alright with it.:)
People have the misconception that i hate heels, ok maybe i don't love them as much as my sneakers, but i don't hate them either. Its just that because my feet is built in a way that it doesn't allow me to have much choices to what i wear, the stuff i want usually is out of size or out of stock or something along that line...didi says i have no shoes luck. ahh. damn. haha
i do know wearing nice heels will make you look more ladylike, but then again, i really prefer comfort over killing my feet to look 'taller'.....
but yes, growing up, you'll have to take in all the rubbish of societal pressures...i'll shop for more heels now....when i have the money....haha.*i'll still be loyal to my sneakers too....*
the only thing with height addition shoes is that you can't walk very fast stably, well, at least i can't for now. i just try taking big strides to seem to go faster, only that i look more like a goon than i originally am walking what i deem 'normally'. mum says i walk like a duck left right left right, ok, the duck part was add in by me, she said i don't walk in a straight line....i kinda know, but i can't help it! as much as i would like to change that habit....
i know what your thinking. chey. not very tall lor.
I knowww.
but its all i can manage for now...any more curved/higher heel, my leg would give way.
i think it has something to do with my extra ordinary high arch on my feet too...*gives self excuses, but i think its true anyway:P*
ok. end of shoes picture, this is something i bought recently.
WHY did i spend money!! and it was not because it was justifiable reason for the month ( presents for loved ones are justifiable to me) spending on self is just tsk. well at least for now, should stop having "bad eyes and itchy hands" if you get dialect, you might be able to get that sentence;P

butbut, its really very cute.
i've been wanting stuff like this forever.
i like stuff with wings...
yea, the cardcaptor sakura fever has yet to die down i see....
but i really like it, hope it won't turn black after awhile or something if not i'll be :((
no one was home, and thus i took out my beloved flute to toot a little tune...:)
i really like to play chanteys....the melody...i like playing tunes with melodies for flute....
and i hate playing running notes...bane of my
but i got through in the past with lotsa practise...i still can memorise out the running notes for upon these wings and love playing it:)
this is another song i will play without fail when i have my flute and scores...:)
i needa get essential elements and the other one we had to play more scales....i don't remember many scales now....all returned back...
there was an infection in my left earring hole and got an antiseptic cream to help treat it.
I thought the cream was going to be expensive but nooo! it was less than 2 bucks, woohoo:)

there has been one thing i have been ignoring or lying to myself about and finally found out what it was today....
because when my infection cleared up on my earring hole i had this lump growing on my ear lobe, i thought darn, pimple again.
all this while when i had it it never occurred to me it could be anything else more than a pimple, or actually maybe sometimes it did, but knowing me, i hate going to the i just waved it off....
today following mum n dad to e docs cause they wanted to see to get their meds i finally found out what it was....
the irritating lump is a
Cyst a sebaceous cyst.
lol. using big words feeling important when it actually ain't so.

so its just like a growth in my ear lobe and its always there but i don't see it, it only gets 'activated' when i have infections or other kinds of aggravations to my ear. sobs that means i don't get to wear earrings on my left ear often now.....
there's nothing i can do about it, there is surgery but doctor advise against it because my ear would look like 'cauliflower' ear, whatever that is, its probably ugly.

i went to read up on it and left the link above, the only interesting fact is that the cyst has a characteristic of a cheesy smell...lols. i'm stuck with it because i was born like that. *cue lady gaga song* :P

and only after reading the article i realised that its not that strange, i mean i saw pictures of someone having the cyst exactly where i'm having it...its pretty common place to have reading up and learning really does help alot....(in terms of scaring yourself because your ignorant, so its better to be well read)

that's all the daily life scraps i have for now...
take care peeps!
hope your always staying healthy!


  1. HA-LOOO! I like ur wedge!
    Its so special with all the golden words :D
    *thumbs up to flute playing*
    Shall photocopy/scan the moonriver score and send over :)
    And hope ur ears get well soon.

  2. Yay! New score to try out! thank you!:DD