Saturday, August 13, 2011

Continue Sending me Luck pls!

Just sent out my Thank you letter to the lady who did my first interview today (first because if i'm lucky and impressed them, i'll get a second. o god! plss! i really hope i did good this time!) Actually in writing all these covers and thank yous and resume, I don't feel it shows my true writing capabilities (wah. chey, as if i really have:P), no i mean sincerely, because in these letter its not really "me". I would never boast of myself to be of what and what capabilities and blah blah...aka selling myself in those manner, i know it is needed, it is industry practice, but writing my thank you letter earlier i felt that I really wanted to sincerely just say thank you, but as advised it was still best to put in some good words for myself, so yes i did so too, feels weird, its as if its a kind of invisible accepted arrogance (the name for it is call resume writing) but then again, as my friends say, sell yourself, don't shortchange yourself, because you know, you can do the job, just that sometimes we tend to be a little 'asian' and think of ourselves to be less capable than what we can really achieve.

I know if i get it, i can do the job well, though i'm not as bright or what not, i never fail people who put their trust in me. :) that's honesty. :)

Ok. random verbal vomit i was thinking. hahaha....


Today was pretty awesome.
Thank you thank you to the people who saw my blog and sent me their love and luck. Arigatou!! big LOVE!!

Had a spate of lucky today, after a spate of learnings, yesh, if this is the turning of good luck, i'm taking it all in baby!:D heh. Had a good breakfast, managed to swop seats with GV and got 3 seats tgt for me, orange and jy for Mayday's DNA premier! jy and fang sent me luck and encouragement!:) thanks you guys:) and i met ting on the way to my interview. How Lucky!:))) She gave me lotsa pointers and tips and encouragement! thanks sis! And the nuffnang interviewer was really nice:) i really hope i made a good impression and didn't come off as a overactive seller making her uncomfortable, i sure hope not....i don't think i did, but i think i did show i was enthusiastic about joining the company, its a good thing right?:) because i really am:)

after the interview, hitched a ride home with family, lucky again!:D

a spate of luckies! sure hope it rubs on for my interview too and they call me back for a second interview and *with all the luck* employ me! heh:) i'm no genius, but i'm as loyal hardworker as you can get;)


pardon the whole chunk of words. i was tired but i still wanted to share my happy day and feelings.
a sunflower patch to wish me and everyone who needs it
lotsa hope and luck!
Work hard!


  1. Dear Nuffnang,
    My dearest friends miss sarah need you to give her the very 1st step on the career ladder. Or in other words, i hope you will give her the very 1st step on the career ladder! Because we think that you'll definately understand how is it like for a freshie to start out very green as you mentioned in your "about me"! =D (Correct me if I'm wrong!)

  2. and 2ndly, we love audrey's blog alot! *dead serious* =D


  4. @ JY: hahahaa! Good one!! yesh! totally!!:)))) thanks jy and yea..we love audrey's blog! lol, can become ambassador liao lah...:P

    @ sis: Thank youu!:DDD

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