Wednesday, August 10, 2011

spencer what you doing there?

this totally made me LOL when i saw it....
thanks to @TedFu for sharing!
Spencer's feeling a little heavy headed and he thought of 1001 remedies, he's just trying 159 and going...and introducing...
awkward turtle! from wongfu productions, ok, i think i might have shared this with you guys...have i? anyway...i really really want this. (i know, i'm a sucker for this kinda stuff...i can't help it!)
i was all ready to get it the last time (well some time back, but i forgot.) and it has been out of stock since....damn. :(
anyway, theres a whole line of Awkward animals like this cute turtle here from Wongfu Productions, check them and support my favourite inde film group *HERE*
that's the store link, their site link is hooked up at the side of my page, check it out too;)
when it gets stocked up.
someone anyone surprise me with one.
pretty please?
*puppy eyes*

sounds like a spoilt kid, but o well, not often. :P not as if anyone will see this anyway, so let it seem like i'm talking to air....

i sure it gets stocked up soon!
and when i feel richer then i'll get it straightaway...
there is really a 'someone anyone' out there.
yea, right.
dream on.

on a another note,

Happy 46th Birthday Singapore!
Happy 9th August!

***weee! throws confetti!***

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