Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wish me bucketful of LUCK!

Nuffnang called me for an interview!!
when she called me earlier i was out on the busy street and couldn't hear who call so i was just happy to get an interview, when i got home i checked out my mailbox to see which company it was exactly because she told me she would give me a mail, i didn't see any mail, so i decided to call back.

and. omg. (though i might have sounded like a total idiot because i kinda called and ask where i was calling to, sorry, lady on the phone, i didn't mean to trouble you like that) when i heard nuffnang, i was literally shaking a little!

okok. so i'm getting happy too soon, i've not landed anything successfully yet, but, hey, if this means the beginning of good luck, i'm taking it!

of course, i wouldn't put sky high hopes, but i'm going to make sure i try my best (i always do) but i'm going to try even bester than best this time. PLEASE EMPLOY ME Nuffnang. :DDD i'll work very hard for you!

*calms down* Wish me luck people, big luck, lotsa luck! but i'll try to keep a 平常心, i don't wanna be crushed. I'm guessing there'll be alot of people going for the same post too, I hope i have an edge over them...Give the best, Hope for the best and expect the worst. Yeaps:)

LUCK! Come MY Way!:D


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  2. thank you JY for giving me so much luck!:D hehe....poh pi everything goes very smoothly!:)))