Friday, August 5, 2011

Idols are pretty much still human too.

Ever so often or maybe just once in awhile friends who know my fan-ism of Mayday will suddenly ask me: " Do you know.... Ashin is attached?/ Has a girlfriend? I just happen to chance unpon this news lately...." Some friends will thread very carefully asking this question as if I were a ticking time bomb and would explode upon hearing that news.....

haha:) my pals take good care of me, but I'm the sort of fan who hopes my idol to find their entitled happiness, they deserve someone to love them too!:)
(not in the fan-idol kinda way if you get what i mean;))
 阿信 & 蛋蛋妹
But my response would always be " I know ah!:D I know since long long ago...they have been together for some time already. And I hope Ashin gets married like soon! getting old already! hahaha...."
I think not many people know of Ashin's gf because they have been together for so long now and Ashin's very guai. muhahaa..:)) People even went on to speculate that Ashin was gay! 0.o!! omg. haha...they should really see the two together, according to friends (mayday too) and co-workers, these two act very mushy much so that the rest of mayday sometimes cannot stand it too....hee.
When paparazzi first got the wind of the news i think almost 10 years back, they did a small (or maybe big? i didn't see e news then) report on it, but i refuse to put those photos they put up, alamak, they really don't bother to take a nicer photo of Dandan jie, make her look so unglam can.

I think the recent photos do her more justice. :) yeap the ones i posted up, you can check out the older ones in the links i'll leave around. ;)
Some fans have said that she is not suitable for Ashin. They have been spreading mean things saying she is too plain for Ashin, but hey, I wouldn't expect any less from my idol. I would have been more disappointed if he was the sort to go for ladies just because of their looks or a vavavoom kinda body. So yea, he is pretty much the respected lao da i know he is. :) He goes for the 'inner soul' not just the other looks and who are these people to judge his gf saying shes plain looking, 情人眼里出西施( i sure hope i got that right:P) :) yesh, that's the ashin i respect.

From what i know they met in school, when ashin wasn't as famous as he is now. 10 years in a relationship with a star, everyone who honestly thinks about it will understand there are lots of difficulties behind it, yes, your boyfriend maybe one of the most sought after guy in Asia, but you don't get to spend time outside like normal couples doing what most couples would deem 'normal'

So many people say they would die to marry so and so star from certain boyband/group...but honestly, if we were to throw you in that might not last long enough. and if love only for superficial reasons, you wouldn't be able to 包容your star away from the lime light, because away from the lime light, they are still like you and me. (ok, only they are more talented and handsome. granted. lol)
Ashin & Dandan Mei :)

Here are two links which i think covered the story pretty well Here* and Here* (this one has 6 short pages, tells the pretty essential story:)

I thought this part of the article was especially funny for me..:

loosely translating: "to keep the relationship fresh ( i think it means in the honeymoon period) ashin always find different nicknames for dandan jie, something dandan mei, sometimes yuan yuan (round round) some times chiu chiu (ball ball cause a ball is round), for those who don't get it, they would think Ashin is a two timing or make that a multiple timing kinda cassanova who flirts aroud..." Cute right!

I won't call myself the unorthodox fan for wanting him to get a happy married life soon, because i'm sure there are many fans out there who would send well wishes and hope he finds his true other half soon too:) i think fans who want their idols to stay single for the whole of their life in hope of marrying someday are just selfish. some fans actually cry, throw tantrums, not support their idol anymore after they announce they are attached are just plain selfish. yea, if you are one of those kind, tsktsk, grow up! stop dreaming! ok, its ok to dream, but stop being selfish!

I hope all my other Mayday members, Ashin, Monster and Masha can find their better other halves and get happily married too (just like Stone papa and Ming papa, blissfully married with two kids!:)).

Just don't forget, you promised you'll sing with us till we're old;D
It's our promise.
Mayday. 五月天
<3 <3

ps. can't wait for the movie to be release in september. :)
my fellow 五迷 friends in life are excited about it, just yesterday ahsia and guang lin posted it on fb. and guanglin was nice to tag me in the post cause he remember i was a fellow 五迷. heh!:)

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