Monday, August 22, 2011

Treasured outings

Growing up and maintaining relationships with people are very different things. It doesn't necessarily mean the people you make friends with will stick with you throughout your life. Therefore the older you grow the more friends you know (because I used to assume as a kid, its like maths right? you have 10 friends now in kindergarten, and then you make 10 more in primary school and then 10 more in secondary so by the time you graduate from poly that should leave you around 40 over people, or so in my naive thoughts it should be alot of people) But growing up you learn that there are people who are friends and there are people who are close friends, and sometimes try as you might even close friends can one day turn into just friends whom you are not as willing to share every other secret with, or feel totally awkward just being around with. In life, i have never regretted being friends with anyone, yes, many walked and in and out of my life as i might have walked out of theirs, intentionally or unintentionally.

Friendships as in all other relationships in life need some effort to maintain, I realise life and the relationships we build go in a full circle. O crap i actually wanted to do a simple post of me and ting going out to coffee and post pics and i started to discuss more on it...and now i'm writing a looong story (which seems i'm being emo, when i am Not!! really. :))

So anyway, i'm really grateful so the time i got to sent with sis after her finishing up school during the free days. In quite a number of ways it felt as if we were back to secondary school, i told her when we saw some secondary school kids in the mrt telling each other "see you tmr" that last time that was one thing which we easily took for granted. Nowadays you don't get to see your buddies everyday and be sure when you say see you tmr that when tmr comes, you'll see each other somewhere in school. Orange would say i'm getting old, because i'm being sentimental. -_- haha. but ain't that true? i mean now it would be pretty awesome if you get to meet your budds more than 2-3 times in the same month (because my budds are pretty awesome and busy popular people);P

During this free-r time that ting had i felt we had gotten closer again ( we were always close, shes my sis of course) but how do i put it, close enough to lay out what i thought were my grievances through the past few years. I am the kind of person who would not openly share my thoughts especially if they are intimately negative ones because i fear to be judge or worst face the anger. *horrors* So if i every let you know i am upset with you or the situation we're facing, booyaa! you are so that very important to me. hehe:P

And after the whatsapp session into late night i felt that finally i've gotten the load off my chest, i finally said it out. haha. and we talked about it...i think its good to communicate thoughts! but i say it but i don't do it much, i know right. lol. And after that 'confession' session as i called it, because i think of it as my petty thoughts being laid out...and then talked and shared and laugh..we had a number of coffee sessions...:) we talked and gossiped about lotsa stuff, i love it when you have endless things to share with each other. i admit, i'm a boring person and if i don't gather with a person i can click with, jialat, the conversations going to be boringgg,but i'll always try to be polite, but with sis, it never happens, even when we are both quiet there isn't the tinge of Awkward! kinda feel....:)
Here's a pic stolen from Ting's fb page...hehe...:D Himalayan tea latte from McCafe! mmm mmm!:)) i now like it too!:DD

Now shes back to being a busy busy bee and still a very popular person and i won't be able to see or bug her as often as when she was free but i feel, the bond's strong, as strong as before, the days when we used to always say see you tmr! Sis, jiayou!:DD and as always if i'm ever of any assistance i'm just a ring ring away:) thank you for spending time with me during your free time, it was really awesome:)

ps:This was suppose to be my outing post, i wonder why i had such a long intro that it just took over the whole i guess i'll post my outing pics and the cafe i thought of introducing in the next post!;)


  1. awwwwww. :))
    i'm still free for meet ups ya!! :))
    stay close sis! ;D