Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A graduate in the house yo.

to my dearest sis:
Ting!:) Congratulations! You are now married! o. sorry, wrong one a graduate!
omg. so proud of ya
local U. don't play play. heh;P
only smart people go there;)

i was saying the other day, apart from getting married this is probably one of the biggest moments in your life now, so no matter how, i barged my way and very buay paiseh-y invited myself to share her special moment and be a good photographer helper of the day. :))
and of course brought all the well wishes of the buggers who wanted to come but couldn't make it to pass to Ting. ( sounds so important, when it isn't actually:P)
photo credit to ting
and so this is me at the big event with sis!:)
they say happiness shared is her family and bf and sis go...lets see, that's
Happiness * 5!
Looks just like a poster child for the school.
NTU are you looking? Look no further, this is the shot and candidate!
your welcome, ntu. :)
Ting took this:)
Cute right?! I know...!
Actually they were supposed to come with flowers/balloon which ever i liked from the flower shop...but then alas, at according to murphy, what can go wrong will go wrong.
So i went around 3 rounds and couldn't find the flower shop in cwp.
wth. hahaha. when i need it it's never there, when i don't, i keep seeing it....but never mind as least i got something unique to the occasion too...:)
but stupidly, i decided to wear wedges for the day to make sure i looked formal enough (what made me wanted to look formal? i dunno, i didn't wanna throw sis's face i guess? I was worried if i didn't look prim and proper enough it wouldn't look good for her...? think too much. but hey, you friends reflect you too) so pacing up and down so quickly was bad choice in wedge because i got blisters, damn shoes...:S luckily there was one thing right, i had awesome plasters!!!:DD saviors. lol
Sis gave me directions but i was so worried i got them wrong and to meet people who are on their first day of work and couldn't tell me where i wanted to go was right or not...pfft.
but lucky me or clever me *bhb* i found the correct place! woohoo!:DD
but felt bad because i still lacked a bouquet of flowers/balloon...i had it all planned in my head but pfft. murphy, i blame you. lols
so cute this two
this was just randomly snapped of the 1001 people around, apparently the favourite shots of the day were throw your motar board shots and jump shots, ting's friend was injured by the motar board, so dangerous can! hope he's alright already.
there is such a difference between science students and media students. (or, maybe it just me, i'm not that bright)
when ting's friend was chatting with her about her friend's injuries she went (this is not the exact conversation but somewhat)
"...there was alot of blood gushing out, i think it was a surface cut where there's a lot of capillaries that's why the blood can't really cease..."

i was like whaaat? standing at the side, i mean i do get it, i understood every word, but if it were up to me to rephrase the sentence or if it came out from me...i'm sure it would never have sounded that 'cheem' and professional. I would probably have just say it in you very average layman boring way.
"OMG. he was bleeding like profusely. poor fella, wonder if it was a deep cut or something."
That would most probably be how my conversation would have went.

shallow -_-
photo credits to ting
People mountain people sea. A sea of Graduates. Congratulations all!
I don't get the big hoo-haa about the fking did it by the valedictorian, come on, give her a break. I think it's pretty alright and i'm cool with it, it's not as if she were meaning it in the bad way and scolding people, its just an expression, loosen up a little already. We already don't have much freedom of speech, don't go plummeting a little expressionism. They are not arts/media student but yesh, they reserve the right to express themselves. And the way she said it came out natural to me, not offending anyone.
After studying so much and finally getting it done with,
let her use just one f word for expressing her utmost joy.
Chill people chill. v
big us. mini us. :)
we had a Polaroid picture taken earlier when she first picked me up.
So this is a picture in picture.
ooo. inception, but wait, we're awake, so inception doesn't work right?

i always remember saying this...
Ting is top in class, number one.
I'm also top in class from the back.
so i have a bestie from the front of the pack and she has a sis from the bottom of the lot
now thinking, thanks for being friends with a person from the other end of the line.heh. :]

rek says its good, we cover the both ends.

she done it again, Look forward to your bright future!

We are all so proud of You!

gambatte masu.

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