Sunday, January 10, 2010

yesh i'm back.:)

yesh i'm back i'm back. :) because, i haven't updated in sometime..and the lilaLienations from the last post some still think i'm floating in space. whoops. =X hahaha...:P

I've been back for sometime already just haven't gotten down to put up any blog post yet. yesh. i have been lazy to blog. :P

Away from my books i just wanna laze around and see shows and see fb pics..see old get it...haha..:P just not sitting down to get a post up...heh.;P

Soon soon i hope!:) Exams round the corner! project date round the corner too! that means short one week break but now becuase of timetable rescheduling became one and a half? (but due to time table recheduling i also have classes on my birthday now. -__-'' :((( ) aiish.

So just as a little post because i was at jy's site and saw this so thought i'd try it (again) different one mah.:P haha. yes..its another personality test. well, away from the books which make me o-so-sleepy-i-can-almost-drool-on-the-books study this is something interesting to try (again) heh. :)

I got the 4 letters : ISFJ (you needa do the test to understand what these random letters mean.haa.) actually i was in a dillemma between choosing J-Judging (J) or P- Perceiving (P) because i was the first 3 of J and definitely a strong 4th choice of P. But i guess 3/4 even though the 4th choice did come strong i still choose J. (yes. i get why your feeling blur if you didn't do the test.) :p

So, here is the analysis. yesh. i'm your "lao kok kok. traditional. so-old-fashion can die" as said by the test. and yes. it could be true to some extent. *ahems*:

"Dependable, reliable and trustworthy, they like to belong to solid organisations that are reasonable in their ambitions and loyal to their employees. They feel useful when their roles and responsibilities are clearly established and they can monitor their activities and productivity in tangible ways. They tend to be rather modest, traditional and conventional, to like sensible clothing, to be thrifty, careful and wise with both money and possessions.

Once they accept a project, they will see it to the end. They manage their time well and are realistic about how much time and resources will be needed.

They tend to like to stay in one neighbourhood, often choosing to live close to where they were themselves raised. They are often involved with volunteer organisations and have a developed sense of citizenship and accountability. When they purchase something, it is after careful consideration; rarely will they buy something without having a known need or use for it. They may keep possessions for a lifetime and treasure those that were given to them.

They tend to have a good memory for specific facts that are necessary in their day-to-day life at work and at home. They accumulate facts and details to orient themselves, relying on repeated experiences that have been proven trustworthy. A fact once experienced may be the product of circumstance and happenstance; it is not in and of itself reliable. When an introverted sensing type hears an idea, they rummage through reams of archived facts to find an experience that provides information for the relevance and realism of an idea. When an introverted sensing type utters, "It's never been done!" they are saying that no information about the relevance or usefulness of the idea is available to them. They tend to shy away from surprises and what is perceived as unnecessary change. "

True lah, but this lao kokok person here still loves pleasant surprises though. haha. I went to check, if i changed the J choice to a P it would have been a total different reading, but same as Jy's :) nah. i'm not as lovely as her, be lao traditional good lah. lols.:P but yesh, of course i remember what i always say, take it with a pinch of salt.;)

You can try yours here. And when your done press the "click here" and look for your 4 letters and then click on the click here to learn more about it...*your blur friend here went looking around wondering how to get the results.-_-' haha. do post up yours to let me see if you do try it out yea? ;)

Ok, back to books now. Many loves to all.
Be a nice human!

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