Sunday, March 11, 2012

a greeting to me. Otanjobe Omedeto!

dear me, Happy 24th Birthday! May you always be happy and be among people whom you love and love you always. :) May the few wishes you make and almost year after year continue on coming true. And regarding that one on love, i'm always skeptical, but since i wished it over a cake, will you come this year? it's the one wish which never gets fulfilled so. o well. haha.

but there is this one wish, which i did make in all full sincerity among my other wishes i hope it come true. Not to sound like those ms universe trying to make a politically correct statement i wished for the world to have peace and happiness all around. World peace and happiness yo. So dear gods please do help kies:)  and dear world:

In all auntie voice "EHH! I spent my one good wish on you! You better don't give me whatever 2012 nonsense. Every 12 years on a dragon year somebody must come up with some world is ending nonsense. 12 years ago it was some millennium bug, 12 years later its this 2012 prophecy. no. I DON'T ALLOW IT. I veto that bill! I so could have wished for more luck in love but nooo, i wish for some world wish, dear world, please do not slant and go koo koo with all the weird people. We are not exactly angels, but everyone on this earth deserves a good chance to decide our fate. :) and to end off my auntie voice. THANK YOU AH, dear Earth!"

It's 1.54am into March 11 in local time and I am writing this random stuff, 12 years later, would i still get to read this? :) I hope i'll look back and laugh at myself and show this to my kids. :P haha. And if we do make it till then, pls let there not be another crazy 12 year end of the world psychopath telling us prophecies.

I do realise this post was totally random but interesting to me nevertheless,

Happy Birthday to meeee~ :)

i know i know! 
i am backdating alot of Post!
Mayday concert, Wongfu meeting...
my main big two...
i've been busy...! 
but really! so by the time i do have any i just wanna sing the lazy song and do nothing. :P

i'll post them soon kies!
Don't leave meee!

i'll bribe you with one of my personal all time go to pic of the one me and ann nee took with Wes and Phil. We got their signatures too. We can die in peace now. lols. but wait! not yet, don't have ted's!

no matter how much rubbish i meet in the day i unlock my phone and give myself a second of inspiration and strength to fight on. 
total fangirling, but because they are worth it, inspirations. 

see, i'm not being superficial and liking them because they are awesomely good looking?

I followed them since way before they were known as Wong fu Pro. 
And also i loved Mayday before i knew Ashin was so cute and the rest could look so good, my mayday:)) 

inspirations. :)

another awesome birthday present i bought for myself. 
 Tix to mayday concert and wfp meetup. 
I get the best presents for me. 
and bonus! i spend it with my beloved buds. :)))
attempts to bribe you all with ashin's pic. 
today's my birthday! :)

ok i shall stop this random post to myself here.
Happy Birthday me. 
*throws confetti*

thank you whoeever grants wishes over birthday cakes, for always keeping my family safe and happy. :)
now can work on that and the other wishes too pls?
*big puppy eyes*
this is not my birthday post. it's just a post from me to me.

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  1. Harooowww! U're supposed to sleep bday girl! haha! It's 3am and i'm readingt this :D
    Please post up all photos soon! ^^