Sunday, May 31, 2009

byebye my dear boy.

They don't judge you. They can't be bothered if you look fugly or if your hair looks like its from dumps. They're happy if their well fed and played with and being loved, if their unhappy they'll let you know with a little bite, never too complicated like human beings can be sometimes....
yes. who said tiny animals with tiny brains are stupid? i think they are adorable and very innocent. :)

I'm such a crybaby. I can't help it.....I don't like my things to be taken away from selfish. yea. maybe. but things which have been with me over time i grow to be very sentimental with them even if it may be just another thing to someone else....not to mention my precious baby boy momo....:(((((( i knew he was sick. i knew from past experience of taro to be ready, but really, how ready can i be.
rest in peace momo.
love you loads.
you were a good boy.
Hope your next life would be good.
take care.
you are o-so very cute. :)

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