Sunday, May 24, 2009


I found this song nice. :) There are two versions to it though, and some are arguing whether the former done by a cord is nice or the latter done by Pets Chen is nicer. The song sang by Pets is used in the same lineage of idol drama; KO3, which is better than the previous instalment if you asked me.I think both of them are sang it nicely, in their own kind of way....its a nice song and both have done justice to the song, in my opinion...:)

The version done by the original song writer.

东城卫& A Chord

And the new version by Pets...

In this mv the guitarist 修 got to show off more skills he had a good 5-6 seconds of solo. Very glammed up mv. ;)

Lyrics can be found here*.
See if you like this song....:) enjoy~
be a nice human. :D

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