Tuesday, May 26, 2009

lala Loves Polariod Cameras!

Sarah really loves Polaroid cameras! Weeeeeeeee! okok. i own a Polaroid camera but i No! i do not own one....

nope. am not going bonkers, yet. still sane still sanely yet insanely sarah. ahha. okok. let me explain...p. cams are wayy expensive...ok..at least for me now. so i do not own one which i can keep in my cuboard and take out with me to admire...maybemaybe...butbutbut. i have something just as good and very awesome for now!:D
Doesn't this look like the real deal?;)
yesh. i took this.this is mine. on flickr! show off.lol. noooo.not good enought yet.

presenting....cheng cheng chengggggg*** The polariod project polariod camera!
Where where? what polariod camera? I just see a scatter of photos...so messy...*grumbles.*
look carefully at the top left hand corner...see that?
Yesh! That's the one that converts my own personal photos into o soo very cool polariods. (sorry. don't mind me. i very swaa koo. just got to know of this product. :P )

And knowing me. with something so fun of course have to do quite a few lah!
the first time i tried it, i think i was overly excited that i hanged the system...woops~ -_-
over excitable little kid. haa!
with my cov covs~ =D very nice.
bie and i look so retro in this pic. i think its the colour.

At first i wasn't sure if it would really work....so i just quickly grab any picture i could get my hand on to try...omg..when the first picture came out i was like ooohhh and ahh...
total country bumpkin.
so sue me. haha:P

lalala~ what a nice feel it adds to the pic.
and i wonder why we look so young. (NOT that we're old now..just older.it just feels a little like year one. from the looks. :P )

from my birthday! it feels so warm and lovely. :))))
and the ballooons!

i can't smile properly.
but sis looks good here. :)

everyone say awww.
haha...great angle and pose too.

see...i was getting carried away...

Ok! i've realised. I haven't posted up the site yet...... on purpose...wanna peeps to see my swaa koo happy pics Now...here you go! The site is HERE*.
After downloading the software it's all ready for use!;)
yeap. simpleee.
if i can do it. don't worry, its nothing hard.
happy being swaa koo-ly happy. like me! playing with your polariods!
hope this was a good share!

be a nice human.

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