Thursday, June 4, 2009

Havent been to a band concert in some time....

I realise i haven't been to a band concert in some time. The last one i went to was either RPWS's or MSL's. Yea. So off to a concert we go on Sunday~ Of course, we went to support somebody. It was NIE band concert...why else would we pop up there? Though...i must admit that most of their players have rock solid foundation. I heard some of them have been playing for close to 20 solid-ness. Butbut.....some of the pieces...put me to sleepwere a little too heavy for my liking.ahemx. But i did enjoy one of the japanese piece they played. I couldn't remember its name though....

But. before that. we 3 supporters didn't forget to make some music (or noise?) of our own....yes, we went k-ing. :P let the pics have some say...
I realised after looking through my old post that the last time we went to kbox was just the 3 of us too. We switched to top one after that.

two milo dinosaurs (after drinking no wonder fishy could raise her voice as high as one:P). a honey lemon and a mic.
guess which one was mine? ;)
faa laa~
Jy wore rocker clothes and looked so awesome!
the pics does no justice man. :(
taking off shoes to enables one to jump up and down like a monkey when singing mayday's songs.

K session over....whisked over to buy flowers.
Nice eh? ;)
I was saying...if we can't find flowers we would buy cauliflower.
but too bad....we found real flowers...( i bet if orange your reading this your thinking 'heng ah'lol)
butbutbut! after the concert we one of the concert players carrying around a 'bouquet' of brocolli. Yes. the green colour vege which is edible. And nicely wraped up too! just like a real bouquet of flowers. watch out! if your concert or any celebratory stuff is coming soon...
i might pop by with one! wahahaha...:P
Where's jy?
found u!
I liked this pic. :) very cute. :)

Wondering why we were so free to take pics before the concert...? Because we thought we were late and practically rushed to the singapore conference hall....-_-;; to realise we were early...alamak.
Saw orange mama and ah ma and bro. :)
A very sweet note put together with our tickets when we collected it from orangey~ :)
I forgotten to take a pic of the three pieces...
mine was blue, jy's was green but there was no pink for fishy....her message was funny enough;P
No videos or photographs allowed in photos were while we waiting for our ms vip to come out.
sorry fishy...your face kana half-ed.
this was when orange came out and help us take one....weren't we suppose to take with her inside too?
Here our performer is finally out!:)
Only group shot of the day.:)
Couldn't find anyone to help us take a group shot(everyone was rushing off) only had two, one in my cam the other in orange's.

Yeapyeaps. :)
take care peeps.

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