Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Its a hoax.

Just in case anyone of you haven't been reading the papers or heard the news, and are still waiting in vain for your discount of $49 after forwarding some hoax sms about the 3 big telcos to ten people , stop waiting.

Yesh, right now, it's not going to happen. It was a hoax.

"DO NOT forward that text message which promises you $49 in phone credits for sending it to 10 other people.

It is a scam, say the three telcos, SingTel, MobileOne and StarHub."

You can read the full article here ;The Straits Times July 28, 2009

When i recieved quite a few a few days ago i thought to myself.
: Wahh...so good ah. *doubtfully* so good meh?
After thinking for a split second i closed the message, 'bluff one was my conclusion'. I don't even hit a monthly bill of $49...are they going to give me the rest of the money? hahaa....and all messages are the same how are they going to track whether i even bothered to send out or not....
so being alert? lazy and a stingy poker for my sms-es, i didn't bother sending any out...
i was thinking, true or false it would be on the papers soon enough, and true enough, it turned out to be a scam.....

I guess, we always think how smart we are, we would never fall pray to constars. But just once in awhile when we let our guard down they will come. It might be small or something big...so just a lil word to share...do always be alert. :) I do agree with what Dj Cruz from 933 said on his blog, have a read, his articles are usually quite funny. :)

not that i'm saying anything....i might have been trusting towards the hoax to, if i wanted...

be gone you stupid consters! chey. boo. get a life.

just as there are many good people in the world there are many more with funny evil intentions, lets all look out for one another and take care!:))

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