Friday, July 3, 2009

Your 22! :)

Happy Birthday Ms Orangey!:D
Happy Birthday tooooo Uuuuu~ =)
You're 22! weeeee~ :))

Went out to celebrate orangey's birthday. and ling's birthday too....because orange won't be able to make it to the we did one together....

Reached earlier to shop for ling's friend's birthday present. Finally did manage to get something. I guess everytime when we're shopping or rather anyone is shopping for a present for someone else they would be wondering, will the person like this? Would they choose this?the what ifs.

But i guess, if your the receiver, and so say you really are not in sync with the present i think it would be nice just to soak up the sincerity gone into the present rather than show something else...for you never know how much sincerity had gone into that present....ya ;) but we did manage to find the bagpack she was looking for her friend. cute. :)

And after some mis-happenings we went for dinner~!
jy presenting the cake to orange!
jy went to scout for the cakes. thanks jy!:) The one above for orange of course!
jy:see!orange colour one! got winnie the pooh and tigger! so cute! :D
Durian cake for fishy.
(which she ate before i remembered to take a picture thus the monster bites. lol.)

presenting present. no. the present isnt from chomel.:P
see see, never take out for picture.
she shy lah. -_-;; ahahahaa.opps:P
present time again. :)
yay! the card!

kaypo read together.
This was the present...a pretty orange sundress for orange! wooohoo!
Yesh. Happy 22nd Orange

Watched ice age 3! in 3d no less!:D
Watched ice age one not lesser than 10 times...watched ice age 2 once, thought it kinda sucked. Then went to watch ice age 3. Verdict? Yesh, you should catch it!:D
3D! 3D....quite cool 3D glasses! haha...but they kept it back...awww..
A typical way to take a group shot with no one cut off! lol...:P

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