Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Prawny! :))

Happy 21st Birthday Ms Prawny!!
This post is dedicated to you cause i missed your party lol

Whose Prawny? oo..come let me share photos we took in poly....
there! the one in green! we were at the airport! :D
what not clear? back view very clear mah. okok.
i go find another one.
there! prawny! in the scary halloween mask!
cannot see? cannn...only have mask what. :P

Okie there! Prawny aka Wan Sia.
left to right. yours truly. Prawny and Elf =)))
this one's the best one i could find on fb already....:P there are better ones in my hardisc lazy to dig....:P

I realised all the pics above are all of me, sia and elf! hahaa...:P
and the last one was just before a pitch...still got mood to take photo in girls.:P
i purposely draw a moley on the prawn! heh.:p cannot miss out!
Happily made these for prawny's 21! I was in a crafty mood. cut.draw.glitter.paste. mood for it
Whose this guy? Gary Chao Ge.Malaysian Singer. He sings well. :)
When i saw the magazine i thought of her, so inspiration to make this craft came from then....haha..
O yes. many say she looks like Gary...does she? Then she must be numero uno fan! heh.
Forgotten to take the pics of the cute doremon i got her! ahh..
Sorry had to miss your party though.....

May you have an awesome awesome 21 and many many more to come!:)
Hope you like the little stuffs ah siaaaaaa!
Happy 21st!
21 already. but still cute lah.;)


  1. THANKS ALOT! I like it, 很用心 很有心 leh! Hahaha! (: