Tuesday, July 20, 2010

primary school buds of years:)

The past few weeks has been horrible if some of you know due to many various reasons...i rather not discuss them here. But as the old saying goes, Every cloud has a silver lining. :)

So amidst all the crazy unpleasant stuff going on there was something which made me smile heaps:))
If you know me, you know i believe that friends matter in quality not quantity and i'm not the sort who opens up to everyone quickly, but if i decided that your my friend for life, that's how it's gonna stay. Those who don't know me always like to say i'm the quiet reserved one. o well. what can i say. i'm pretty crazy at times if you get to see the other side of me. heh:P

anyway anyway. so what happen. i finally got to meet my primary school budds. ( i know yesh. jin,huan and fang are also primary school buds which i often meet and blog about. i met them on sun!:)) no. today i'm talking about my first primary school best friends. From primary one. God. that was a long time ago. :)

Here's who i met!
Pey shy (l) and Huay Tyng(r)

Yesh! Finally we get to meetup for a dinner date:) It's been sooooo long since i last saw them. Partly because tyng is in melbourne and peyshy is just a busy busy girl. Let me think...i last saw tyng in poly yr 1 i think...and peyshy even longer than that...wow. time does fly....we always plan on meeting, but tyng has so little time when she gets back to m'sia that it makes her hard to come down to meet us...

they were still as i remember.

you know if you haven't meet good friends for a long time you suffer from jitters..?
Will they still like me? What if they find me crappy looking or irritating or stuff....you just asking yourself all the funny questions.
but then again i thought, they want to me up with me. i'm sure no matter how they change i'm gonna love them to eenny meeny bits so they will somehow accept me for who i am now. :)
aren't they so cute? :)))

and true enough.

through my anxious anticipation and finally meeting them...
all my worries just dissepeared into thin air.
i was just so so happy and excited.
i can still recall her number by heart! and she can remember my home number too!
i think that goes to show we called each other heaploads as kids and it's in our deep memory roots.

now i know what's it like to meet long lost friends. :)
ok. we were never technically lost. just that we had lost contact a lil.
it was just a simple dinner but we talked about everything under the sky...the good ole times...gossips...our interests, lifes....the time just flew pass...:)
We didn't took many pictures.
but theres always next time to come...:)
Tyng flew back to melbourne on sat...and peyshy is back to her busy helpful life...
me. in my complex and most of the time joyful life.
We shall meetup soon and take heaps more photo.

best buds who are willing to stay are like antiques, they grow value over time.

to the next time we meet.
take care gals.
it was an awesome awesome night.

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