Tuesday, July 20, 2010

i found new treasures.

new! old mayday VCD's! :DDD nono. i'm not trying to purposely play the oxymoron...but i newly bought old albums of mayday back from their 90s days. :)) lucky. i wanted cd though, but o well, no fish, prawn also good.:P hahaha...it's a hokkien idiom if you didn't get what i meant. ;) it's a habit of mine if we ever pop by any old record store i would look around for mayday's old albums, cds, dvds, vcd and all. :) and sometimes likes today i would find treasure.

actually all thanks to mom she was looking for some k disc so i snooped round the shop and got the uncle to help me and yataaaa!:))))

5th album:)
k + mvs.

little happiness comes in suprises like this.

i'm waiting for DNA concert box.
pls rmb next time :P
pls come soon.

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